A game desktop and cross-platform

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Table of Contents

For those who do not know of this game, consists of a mechanical fully multiplayer and of German origin, in which rewards the strategy. The goal is to build roads and villages, as well as going to better. All these efforts are generating a score, being the winner the first to reach the set points in the game, which are usually 10.

Catan Universe
Catan Universe

Catan Universe enjoy the various game modes

The fidelity that displays the title to the original game is immense, all the elements belong to the tablet traditional desktop. However, what that reward is its variety in game modes. Previously, it only had a single player mode with quests and objectives, but it is a long time that you can enjoy games truly online.

catan universe chapters

In addition, we enjoyed several chapters within the game, with different missions and environments. Good examples of this are ‘The Navigators’, ‘Cities and knights’ and ‘Rise of the Incas’. All of them and some more can be unlocked progressively, either by the development of the campaign, or by spending coins, which is modified even the layout of the board.

Catan Universe is a crossover platform

If the variety in playable is one of its great strengths, this without doubt is the other that holds the success of this game. Taking advantage of that is present in other platforms such as Steam or on your own web versionthe developers have not wanted to miss the opportunity to put together all these versions to mode crossover.

In this way, it has become a game totally cross-platform. The importance of registering and creating a complete profile is vital, as the same data and progress will be present in any of the versions, i.e., with a timing constant.

An adventure that is not only of payment

The big news of Catan Universe is that it has become a game much more economic. What used to cost a chunk of pocket to get it, now it has become a free-to-playin every rule. In the past it was a title exclusively of payment, which is accessed with a fixed price.

catan universe game

Then, he switched to a downloadable title, but very limited, with only a few missions to try and access the rest of the contents are also paying for. Currently, Catan Universe has become the typical free-to-play with system of micropayments integratedin addition of that part of the content you can unlock with the progress of the campaign.

The interface is not its strong point

We have found a tad more negative, or more annoying, depending on how you see each one. The design of the interface itself is not complex, but it is coarse and little intuitive. An example of this is the beginning of the game, which directly shows us a menu to login, with the option of registering completely hidden until you do scroll almost by inertia. The same thing happens with the other menus of the game.

catan universe menu

In the games, more of the same. It is true that there are many elements to take into account and that the space offered by the screens is limited, but it’s hard to remember all the options that you have during the game, basically because that the majority outside of screenand , therefore, beyond our range of vision. It is something that should definitely improve.