A futuristic battle royale in the third person

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Of course, it does not leave anyone indifferent, due to its design and its format in the game. It creates a combo that is hardly seen in any other case on Google Play, which is why its ratings are so positive by users. A game that takes ideas from various video games in the battle royale and shooter genre, whose references we will clarify in the text.


A futuristic battle royale and a simplified format

To begin with, we will say that it is a game futuristic air and that is characterized by smaller maps, but with fewer players and that isometric view that puts the perspective almost from above. A battle royale that ensures action everywhere and that moves away from the extensive maps and the endless loot with which to prepare for PvP duels. It is true that there are boxes scattered around it, but they only grant health and credits to buy improvements in situ, since the heroes come prepared from home. The ultimate goal is to get to the center of the map, where only one survivor will be left standing. We will have to arrive before the Veto closes, a kind of storm that will surround us.

overdox combat

We could almost say that it is an online multiplayer with many similarities to Diablo, at least in perspective, and that way to invite you to play almost from the relaxation it generates. By being able to have a greater vision of what is coming your way, it is easier to relax and take the best strategy to fight a duel with the enemy player you encounter. In addition, the map located at the top indicates with red dots where our closest enemies may be.

However, we will not be alone together with 11 more players. We can also meet bots on our way to the last zone of the battle. They can either appear to be an extra obstacle, or to replace real players who have missed to join the game, which is a handicap and detracts from the possible victory.

Overdox nurtures its playability from other great titles

Practically the control of our hero is the same as many other games, which is very reminiscent of Wild Rift or Dungeon Hunter, due to the arrangement of the buttons. We have the stick with which we control your movement and a series of buttons on the right to use the weapon, special abilities, the shield, move quickly and another series of actions that will appear as we are close to some elements of the game.

overdox combat

Those elements are chests or hubs update to improve our hero. And when we are already in full action, we will discover new elements that will help us improve some of the skills of our characters or improve those statistics. In addition, we can steal the loot from the enemies that we have eliminated. Everything is very intuitive since these buttons are only activated if we are close to the object or the individual.

As we have said, each hero arrives prepared for the game with weapons. In this sense, we find a great variety of arsenal, where the swords, axes and shields. Both the weapons and the characters retain a cartoon design that is very similar to that found in Overwatch, with a certain tendency to anime faces. On the other hand, it has improvements in clothing, with very striking helmets and skins.

Game modes and final conclusion of this battle royale

OVERDOX also has several game modes. Apart from the battle royale, we can also enjoy a less stressful game and in which we will only use fists. And of course, those skills will vary as we acquire them in the field of combat. We have a Royal Rumble, a Challenge Mode and a Friendly Match, where we can create private matches with friends.

overdox champion upgrades

Technically it is a game very good graphically and this style cartoon gives a lot of freshness to the title. The special effects of the characters in the game are striking, so in general terms it is a very well worked game. We did find too much lag in various phases of the games, although we assume that it is latency due to the disparate pings that the players who participate in the games have. To continue improving the heroes or get exclusive content, the title has gacha purchases where you can also get legendary boxes with very valuable items.