A futuristic action game with great graphics

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A Gameloft title released in 2012 as a revolutionary product. It is true that there is a more current alternative like NOVA Legacy and that it is available on Google Play, an advantage that its predecessor no longer has. The eternal alternative way will always be to download an APK file, so we want to remember what this futuristic game was about.

Incredible graphics FPS with lazy script

Although it is not the strongest point of this production, the developers have tried to shape a script as decent as possible, which draws on science fiction and apocalyptic adventures.

The part that is limping in this case, beyond a script that only serves to string together the changes of scenery, is that of its system of artificial intelligence. The challenge becomes stupid when you realize that by shooting diagonally from a slightly hidden area you can take out enemies without blinking.

nova 3 graphics

It all takes place four months after what happened in NOVA 2, after the assassination of President Folsom. Kal Wardin, the protagonist of the entire saga, repeats the starring role, returning to Earth after a long time of galactic battles in order to save humanity. And it is that the Earth has upon itself the threat of somersaults, roaming freely through the 10 levels that await us in the title.

Some levels would be even more powerful if the enemies were to try to surround you or hunt you down, but due to lack of power or desire to go further, the game becomes quite simple in combat. They are fun, one thing does not take away the other, but a certain loss of potential is palpable in that sense.

As you see NOVA 3 He is not going to receive any awards for his argument, but it is true that as we progress through the game it gains something in drama, offering us quite a few video scenes (too many even) that narrate the events.

As is the norm in the series, Kal is dressed in a special suit that is somewhat reminiscent of the nano-suit so characteristic of the saga Crysis. This suit provides incredible protection to its wearer, as well as certain special powers. And if to this we add a very powerful arsenal and the possibility of using certain vehicles (including a fuse), they speak clearly of the devastating attack power that the protagonist enjoys.

nova 3 missions

Because of this, each of the phases is a true explosions recital, special effects and visual feast. In fact, this facet is one of the main characteristics of the franchise so it will not surprise its fans. And neither will the game mechanics, which offers us more or less the same as we already experienced in the two previous editions.

Action in abundance

We are facing a classic subjective shooter that invites us to go overcoming various objectives that are given to us along the way. The action is fairly linear, so we just have to put our efforts into aiming and shooting the many unintelligent opponents that come our way. In this sense, it is worth noting how relentless and even rewarding each confrontation is, although it is true that first it is necessary to get used to the control system, something that happens with the vast majority of games of this same style that appear on these devices.

Without a doubt, it is another black point, but there Gameloft can only limit itself to working as well as possible with the tools available. With the gyroscope, she does a bit of makeup, but it continues to be a very improvable aspect for a more complete experience.

And it is that in NOVA 3 it is possible to perform a large number of actions (run, aim, pull the trigger, reload, throw grenades, change weapons, jump, etc.), having to make use of both the joystick and the virtual buttons displayed on the touch screen. And due to their sensitivity, disposition and quantity, it is not easy to get hold of them quickly, so it is necessary to dedicate some time to this work.

One of the best ways to practice is to play online at the multiplayer mode which once again presents the title, which this time is capable of hosting a dozen participants. There are six different game modes (one more than in NOVA 2) such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, etc. and the same number of arenas, this aspect of the game being one of its main attractions.

nova 3 weapons

But it is not the only one, since as we told you before NOVA 3 also offers us a audiovisual display truly impressive, with detailed and solid environments, well captured characters, special effects of all kinds and an epic soundtrack.

Of course, it cannot be said that Gameloft has risked one iota with this third edition of its saga of futuristic shooters par excellence, but this blatant lack of innovation is not at odds with its quality. It is true that certain aspects such as the aforementioned control system or the deficient artificial intelligence of the characters could have been studied a little more, but it is a highly recommended game within its genre.

How to download the NOVA 3 APK

Whenever we cannot download something from Google Play, we usually opt for the route of obtaining the APK file from an external option. This is common in old Gameloft games, which decided at the time to remove them from the store in a radical way. Luckily, we will leave the way to install it in any terminal:

  1. Access this link to download the APK of NOVA 3.
  2. Install the APK file and wait for the process to finish.
  3. Once finished, you are ready to play.