A fighting game developed by Gameloft

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Table of Contents

Ok, it is true that it is not a title based on real events, since it deals with gods from Greek mythology. However, it combines belief with something that did really exist: the Roman Empire. With all that background, what we have left is to distribute tow as if it were a Mortal Kombat, but with a little more epicity.

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome history

As in the game developed by Warner Bros, this one has a story that surrounds all the action that takes place. The argument is as follows: The gods have fallen. The age of Olympus will soon be just a memory. The culprit of all this is Tenebro, Forgotten son of Hades, who has found the vessel of chaos. With his power, the souls of gods and warriors are under his control. Soon he will rule heaven, hell and everything in between … unless we avoid him. Do you think you can stop him?

gods of rome tutorial

Zeus, father of all the gods, will give you his power to defeat the rest of the warriors and gods and thus be able to free their souls from the evil that has taken hold of them. Become an Olympian legend by defeating all your opponents and freeing their souls. Improve your defense and attack by getting materials in battles. Participate in special events and obtain special powers and materials.

As a player, you will be part of the Ascended Order with the ability to perform Legendary Summons. For this reason, you will be able to summon, improve and manage your own team of gods, monsters, heroes and mythical warriors with the aim of fighting Tenebro, a title that was developed over several years and underwent multiple variations to reach its maximum potential. , although the wait has been worth it. As a curious fact, it was developed by Gameloft entirely in Madrid.

gods of rome fighting

It is a three-dimensional fighting and fighting game for mobile devices, set in the time of the Roman Empire, but adding dose of mythological culture. In this way, the gods will fight before our eyes, using their powers and abilities and allowing us to compete even against other players over the internet. a game full of fighting which will make us remember the old days of games like Mortal Kombat on the old video game consoles, but this time with a game set in times of gods, heroes and myths.

A game similar to Mortal Kombat, but much more mystical

As you undertake this adventure, you will discover legendary places that you have only been able to appreciate in books and abstract representations such as Pompeii or The Colosseum, among many other locations. The game features an experience tailored to mobile platforms by making the entire screen available with fluid controls that deliver chain attacks and ruthless combos.

We compare this title with Mortal Kombat because it has always been the benchmark of this genre, although obviously we find many more alternatives such as Street Fighter or Injustice 2. Something very common on mobile phones is that games like Gods Of Rome have 2.5D graphics and artistic support that will make us think that we are not facing a mobile game. The characters have all kinds of detail and the setting simply has to be said that it is very good. Also, the title has cinematics that embellish and add more depth to the fights.

gods of rome selection fighters

All this is also helped by sound section, a section that fits perfectly with the setting that the game needs. Good effects and good music from the soundtrack. Very important section so that the game finishes liking and that not all games manage to achieve it.

In addition to having a single player mode, we can also play battles online against other players, being able to acquire rewards in the form of new skills and special movements. Needless to say, Gods of Rome is a video game free to play with the corresponding micropayment system, the most used in the Android panorama.