7 new features for Android 12 that Google works on

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7 new features for Android 12 that Google works on 1

We recently told you what could be one of the great novelties of Android 12, the version of the system that we should be able to start testing in a test phase in a few weeks. Now we want to make a compilation of all the possible functions that Google can integrate, which are in the previous versions of the system, but we still do not know if they will reach the final.

New PiP mode

7 new Android 12 features Google is working on

In Android 11 we have seen how it is possible to resize the small floating windows with the videos, dragging from the corners. In Android 12 we could do a pinch to zoom to resize, as well as send it to a corner to further minimize its scale.

New animations for bubbles

One of the least used and most unstable features of Android 11 is the conversation bubbles. They have not been implemented in almost any application, and in Android 12 they could improve, at least in their aesthetics. Google is working on a redesign of its animations, something that makes sense since they currently behave differently from the rest of the system elements.

Application pairs

Android 12 will allow you to open applications two by two, something that brands like Samsung already allow in its One UI interface. Perfect if we always want to use the same two apps, such as maps and music in the car.

Smart rotation

Android needs a detection mode of our face to know if it has to turn the system interface or if it should be left vertical, especially when we use the mobile lying down. This is what Google could implement in version 12.

Game mode

7 new features for Android 12 that Google works on 2

Color OS 11 gaming mode, OPPO interface for Android 11

Almost all brands have chosen to implement a Game mode or game mode on their mobiles, software systems that allow modifying notifications, brightness, etc. Google would be working on one to use it as standard in Android 12.

Direct access to brightness reduction

A new icon could appear at the top of the notifications, a shortcut to modifying the brightness with a touch, especially designed for those who have some kind of visual impairment.

Design changes

7 new Android 12 features Google is working on

The last change would be one of the most important and is that Google seems to want to make the leap from Material Design to a new design language. That if, it would be an evolution, not a drastic change as we saw in Android 5.

Internally it is called Material NEXT but it is unlikely that we will see it named like that in the public versions of Android.

This new design would affect not only aesthetics, with the change in colors and themes, but also elements such as the notification curtain, the lock screen, the ambient screen …

At the moment they are functions that are being tested in the alpha versions of Android 12. From there they will jump to the Developers Preview and from there to the beta versions. There are still months to see the final version and surely some of these benefits will remain by the wayside.

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