6 Websites to download free series in Spanish

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download free series

We are not going to fool ourselves, all or almost all of us love movies and series. Have a good time with your family, your partner or friends while we enjoy or discuss a good series. That is why this article is about clarifying a little the current panorama of websites to download free series. Years ago it was much easier and we could find everything anywhere, now you have to work your search a little more. Therefore, if you are somewhat lost or lost in watching free series, we are going to help you.

Regardless of the films that we also like, series are also a very important part of the industry that year after year are gaining followers. In addition, with the emergence of streaming platforms with great film content, series have returned to the top of people’s minds. Because we all like entertainment is clear, but we also try to entertain ourselves at the lowest possible cost as well. That is why we have created a list with the best websites so that you can download and watch free series in Spanish from your home. So, let’s go there with him.

Best websites to download series for free

Spanish series

As we told you, due to the demand for series in Spanish more and more web pages appear to be able to find this type of content. Some at the cost of a monthly subscription, although with free trials that you can take advantage of and which we will advise you to take. But just in case you have them already very seen, we are going to add many more in which you can download free series in Spanish without any problem.

We go with the list of web pages. Although as a warning, we have to say that we are not responsible for the use that you can give to this type of pages. From Android Help we recommend that always use legal streaming content platforms that we all already know, even if you apply the trick that we are going to tell you. Therefore, although there are more web pages in the list, those are the ones that will offer you the best quality and service for obvious reasons.

HBO Series


As we told you before, we are going to start with those that in addition to having a subscription have a free trial. With HBO you will be able to perform the trick that we all know: register one after another with a new account once the free days they give you run out. You will only have to create another Gmail or Hotmail or the mail client that you want to start over and renew days with a new account. It is the only thing you have left if you do not feel like paying for your subscription. If you do not cancel, you will be charged for everything automatically and then you will have to use that paid month.

Netflix Series


Like we told you on HBO, here you also have your free trial month in exchange for registering and adding a credit card or payment method. As we told you on HBO, it also happens on Netflix, if you do not cancel the subscription that you have activated even if you have not been charged anything at that time, you will be charged at the end of the free days. Therefore, be careful because we guarantee that Netflix charges on time.

On the contrary you will have the largest catalog of series and movies for free with the download function and in Spanish, so it will not let you down at any time. Probably of the well-known platforms it is the one that is most updated every month with new series and movies. It is true that as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold, but you will have hours and hours of “free” series in Spanish.

Torrent freak

As far as we know, Torrent Freak is one of the websites that best integrates downloading free series in Spanish. With Torrent Freak you will be able to download free series, but also some documentaries, novels or television shows. The entire website is very intuitive and very easy to use. In addition, the download speed of the website is quite good so if you have a good connection you will be able to download a lot of content.

Lime Torrents


It is said that everything you will find here is legal, but we have not stopped to check it and you know that we always advise using legal methods. Also in Lime Torrents there is a lot good quality downloadable content. The website itself has a bar at the bottom where you can select different content such as: download free series, movies, games, applications and much more. In each of the series you will find a file with relevant information such as its date, director, synopsis and also the different download files.



On this website you will find the most current movies and series and in fact it shows you first as soon as you enter with the billboard. On the web page you will find a bar in which to slide at the top that It will indicate all the premieres and you can also navigate between them to choose which series you want to download today. In order to enter the site you have to subscribe but until not long ago there was a free trial.

Mega series

Mega series

In Megaserie you will find the best series but in HD quality. In addition to this you will also be watching a lot of free movies also to download. As we tell you, they maintain the HD quality of their content very well although you will find different resolutions. What they promise, although it is not very legal, is to have the entire catalog of the most famous streaming series platforms in full, that is, they promise to have the same as HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and all those that you can think of that have a subscription monthly.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you and that from now on (although we always recommend that everything be legal and we are not responsible for the misuse of web pages) you have learned how to download free series on the Internet and above all in Spanish. See you in the next Android Help article.