6 tips from Google to make video calls home with Hangouts Meet

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Millions of people are forced to work from home these weeks. At the time of work, or simply to stay in contact with your friends and family, the video is presented as a good solution to take into account, for which there are applications that make this possible. Google now provides access to the advanced features of Hangouts, the Meet free of charge for customers of G Suite around the world until July 1, 2020.

In addition, Google now published a list of tips to keep in mind when making video calls from home using Hangouts Meet. Are tips that can work especially for professionals, but that will help us make a better video now that we have to be at home and work from home.

Choose the right environment

6 tips from Google to make video calls home with Hangouts Meet 1

At the time of performing a video call, it is necessary to take into account the background that you have behind. A smooth wall and not a window that you can enter a lot of light. If you are using a laptop instead of the phone, it is best to place it on a firm surface that will not move. As for the other person it can be annoying if the laptop is moving steadily.

Invites to whoever you want whenever you want

The video calls, especially those in professional environments, tend to be scheduled way in advance. Although this is not always the case. There are times in which you can organize quickly, because it is the fastest way to manage a matter or to clarify doubts that may arise in a project. Hangouts Meet is able to automatically create call codes internal for users to be able to use the phone from any site. In addition, each one can invite them to an event in Google Calendar, by email or by phone.

Use subtitles

6 tips from Google to make video calls home with Hangouts Meet 2

If there is too much noise at homethat you find it impossible to concentrate on the call, you may not be able to understand well what the other person is saying. Luckily, Google has Hangouts, Meet a function of a lot of help, because it has subtitles. This will allow it to continue such a conversation at all times, regardless of the noise that there is.

Uses only one window to share

A situation that many have experienced when making a presentation or on a call, is to share the screen and that is to end up seeing more things than is desirable or should be. To prevent this from happening, Google recommends the use of the option of presenting a single window instead of full screen.

Change the screen layout

6 tips from Google to make video calls home with Hangouts Meet 3

A function available in Hangouts Meet it is able to change the design of the video. If someone is showing a slide presentation, but there are people debating or talking about, the design can be changed to see the people in the office instead of in the filing, which is done by following these steps.

Shows your real life

A way to make the video more entertaining, especially in times like these, is to show something of the real life of each one. Eat while it’s called, or something to drink, or let the children wave back at the camera. It can be something that enable you to have better relationships with co-workers, relax the environment and a better understanding among all.

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