6 tech projects you can do with your kids at home

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Table of Contents

6 tech projects you can do with your kids at home 1

The possibilities that we have in Spain with technology go much further than enjoying the experience that smartphones offer us. Advances not only bring us comfort, but they also offer all kinds of possibilities.

Although we normally think of digital natives as a generation prepared for the digital age by knowing how to use a smartphone, they are not always aware of the possibilities that technology really offers them.

An irresponsible use of technology can be harmful, but a good use of it has great benefits, and that is that there are more and more technology projects that we can do with our children, useful, fun projects that will help them boost their creativity and passion for technology.

The Raspberry Pi, an essential component to get started

6 tech projects you can do with your kids at home 2

You may not know it, but the Raspberry Pi is an element that has revolutionized education in technology projects. It is a very special computer, the size of which is similar to that of a credit card. At the power level it is very basic, but given its low consumption, its very affordable price and the size of its community, it has become the best option to start very educational technology projects.

Stores like RS Components allow us to get these plates and everything necessary to prepare the first technology projects with your children at home.How can we get started?

Raspberry Pi at RS Components.

A surveillance camera for pets

This project requires a camera that will connect to the Raspberry Pi. Once connected and configured, we can see our pets in real time, and even connect with our YouTube account to broadcast live what our beloved animals do. You are one step away from making your cat famous on the internet.

Infrared pet camera.

An instant camera

6 tech projects you can do with your kids at home 3

If we combine the camera module with a thermal printer, and some physical buttons, with the Raspberry Pi we can create our own Polaroid-style camera. Point, shoot, and instantly print a copy.

Instant photo camera with Raspberry Pi.

A digital piano

6 tech projects you can do with your kids at home 4

If your children’s passion is music, with the Raspberry Pi we can help them create our first digital musical instrument. With Piano HAT we can create an ultra-compact digital piano, but fully functional.

Digital piano with Raspberry Pi.

A retro console

6 tech projects you can do with your kids at home 5Some of the consoles that you can emulate on a Raspberry Pi with RetroPie.

One of the most popular uses for the Raspberry Pi is to create your own gaming console at home. The Raspberry Pi has enough power to emulate dozens of old consoles, allowing us to play thousands of retro games that are still hilarious today.

Tutorials to assemble arcade machines.

A smart home

Smart home automation has become popular in recent years thanks to systems like Google Home and Alexa, but there are also free and open source smart home options. The Raspberry Pi has enough capacity to manage all the home automation.

OpenHAB and Raspberry Pi.

A computer to learn to program

6 tech projects you can do with your kids at home 6

Programming is not only one of the most promising career opportunities, it is also a discipline that teaches us to think and solve problems. Languages ​​like Scratch are designed so that the youngest of the household can learn the basics of programming, and the Raspberry Pi as a computer is fully capable of learning to program.

Raspberry Pi programming with Scratch.

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