6 bargains from MediaMarkt: Galaxy S20 FE, Nest Audio ..

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6 bargains from MediaMarkt: Galaxy S20 FE, Nest Audio .. 1

MediaMarkt is one of the best known stores in Spain to find products at good prices. The store leaves us this week with good discounts on a wide variety of products, from smartphones to devices for the smart home. There are six bargains that we cannot miss in the store.

We met with products like the Google Nest Audio or the Nest Termostat, as well as such interesting phones as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or the LG Velvet, models highly desired by users, which we can buy at the best price at MediaMarkt.

Google Nest Audio for 69.86 euros

Google Nest

The Google Nest Audio is one of the newer speakers that Google has launched in Spain. It is presented as a model with a lower price, but that leaves us with a spectacular audio quality. So we can enjoy this quality when making calls, listening to music or listening to news, among other functions.

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We can find him a price of only 69.86 euros in this MediaMarkt promotion, a good discount compared to its original price of 99.99 euros. It is available in its two colors (black and white).

Buy the Google Nest Audio for 69.86 euros

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for 568.45 euros

6 bargains from MediaMarkt: Galaxy S20 FE, Nest Audio .. 2

The Galaxy S20 FE arrived at the end of last year, as the last model in the S20 range. A device that has all the best of this high-end range, but with a more adjusted price. A good design, good cameras, a processor that gives it good performance and a battery that gives it good autonomy. Already in his analysis he left with very good feelings.

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In this promotion in MediaMarkt you can buy the version with 4G at a price of 568.45 euros in various colors: green, blue, lavender or orange. In addition, the version with 5G is also discounted, in this case at a price of 668.45 euros. You can buy them at this link:

Buy the Galaxy S20 FE in its various versions at MediaMarkt

LG Velvet for 378.95 euros

6 bargains from MediaMarkt: Galaxy S20 FE, Nest Audio .. 3

The LG Velvet is one of the most desired devices since its launch last fall. This phone is possibly the most elegant model that the brand has launched on the market, in addition, it is a balanced smartphone in terms of specifications. It has a good processor, good cameras and a battery that fully complies to be able to use it all day.

In this MediaMarkt promotion we can buy it at a price of 378.95 euros in its Aurora Silver color. This is a good price for this stylish phone from the South Korean manufacturer.

Buy the LG Velvet for 378.95 euros in MediaMarkt

Google Nest Termostat E for 177.94 euros

Google Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat arrived a couple of years ago in Spain, as a device with which to control the temperature in your home easily, directly with your smartphone thanks to its integration with the Google Home app. This thermostat is an easy device to configure and control, allowing you to save energy in your home in a very comfortable way.

In this MediaMarkt promotion you can buy at a price of 177.94 euros, a good discount on its original price of 219 euros. So if you wanted to have the Google thermostat in your house, it is a good time to buy it.

Buy the Google Nest Thermostat for 177.94 euros in MediaMarkt

Xiaomi Mi Smart for 39.99 euros

6 bargains from MediaMarkt: Galaxy S20 FE, Nest Audio .. 4

Xiaomi launched its own speaker in Spain a few months ago, the Mi Smart. This brand speaker stands out for being a cheap option in terms of price, but it has quality sound. It also comes with the Google Assistant as its assistant, so we can control it easily with our voice, to perform the usual actions (queries or commands).

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We can buy this speaker at MediaMarkt at a price of only 39.99 euros, which is certainly a good price for Xiaomi’s smart speaker. If you were looking to have a speaker with Google Assistant, it is a great option: cheap and with good sound.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart for 39.99 euros of price

Fitbit Versa 3 for 187.85 euros

Fitbit Versa 3 MediaMarkt

Fitbit is one of the reference brands in the field of wearables, with much desired watches and bracelets. One of the models that launched last year in Spain was the Fitbit Versa 3, one of their best watches. This watch has advanced health functions, has built-in GPS, is water resistant up to 50 meters deep and has a battery that gives up to six days of autonomy.

In this promotion in MediaMarkt we can buy for 187.85 euros of price in three colors (black, pink and blue), a good discount on its original price of 229 euros. If you were looking for a good watch with which to monitor your health and fitness, it is an ideal model.

Buy the Fitbit Versa 3 at MediaMarkt for 187.85 euros

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