51 free apps that were previously paid: runs while supplies last

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Applications free

In these days we are seeing as many applications and services are being made available free of charge to make more enjoyable our stay in the house. The free apps that were previously paid are not an exception, having more options these days (especially in the applications of children).

As you already know, on a weekly basis we collect here some applications that you can now download completely free of charge, but eye, that will not be so for a long time. Here we have selected applications that are normally paid, but whose developers have decided to offer them for a limited time at no cost.

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  • Get more out of Spotify for Android with these tricks.
  • Of 70 to 300€: 5 tablets to consider if you want to buy one.

Free applications are available for a limited time, so do not delay much in getting them.

And of course, once you download them, will be associated to your Google account and therefore will be yours forever, and can install them again in the future or on other Android smartphones and tablets you have with your Google account. As always be warned, these “deals” may end up from one moment to another, so it is possible that some applications or games since you do not appear for free when you click on them, it all depends on how fast you are.

Android apps free

  1. Face Video Morph Animator HD.
  2. Work Timer for HIIT and Tabata Trainings.
  3. Go Speed Booster Pro – Cleaner and Booster.
  4. Converter of Units.
  5. Silence Camera.
  6. Speed View GPS Pro.
  7. Kosmos – Work Time Tracker , Job Timesheet.
  8. Text Analyzer Pro.
  9. Big Fart Button Pro.
  10. Unit Converter (Paste Pro) Premium.
  11. Mathematical Keyboard F.
  12. One By One – The Multilingual Word Search.
  13. DOTKey.
  14. Compressor HP Pro.
  15. AC Calculator Pro.
  16. Premium tongue Twisters in English with pronunciation.
  17. Analog Forest – Palette Forest – Film Filters.
  18. Travel Safe – World Emergency Phone Numbers.
  19. Disney Stickers: Frozen 2.
  20. Simple Photo Widget – Photo Widget – Gallery photo.
  21. Italian – English Translator.
  22. German – English Translator.
  23. Spanish – English Translator.
  24. Pedometer GPS tracker.

Android games free

Watch video

  1. Wormster Dash.
  2. Word Crush Pro.
  3. Spelling Book Pro.
  4. Pet Rocket 2 Pro – Planet Simulator.
  5. Spelling Games PRO – 8-in-1.
  6. Word Cage Pro.
  7. Word Search Fun – Pro.
  8. Crosswords Word-Fill-Pro.
  9. Felinia”s World.
  10. Solo – Mega Pack.
  11. Only Halma / Solitaire (board game ).
  12. Perfect Moon.
  13. Aero Effect.
  14. Zombie City Defense 2.
  15. Over The Bridge Pro.
  16. Fast Calc.
  17. Крестики Нолики Jumbo Pro.
  18. Jumpies 3.
  19. Ace Speeder 3.
  20. EQQO.
  21. EQQO VR.

Customization and packs of icons

  1. Ancient BrotherHood 3D Pro LWP.
  2. Deep Space 3D Pro LWP.
  3. Aaron Icon Pack.
  4. Or Icon Pack.
  5. Dualix Icon Pack.
  6. Matt 20 Icon Pack.

The input 51 free apps that were previously paid: runs as long as it appears first on The Android Free.