5 new features coming to YouTube for Android

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5 new features coming to YouTube for Android

YouTube has been the benchmark in video streaming for many years. Even today, with huge competition on paid platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and on free platforms, such as Twitch, it remains one of the largest portals in the world.

In order not to lose that leadership, it has announced a series of improvements that we will see throughout 2021 in the YouTube application for Android. Most of these functions will be available in Spain.

Automatic chapters in videos

The creation of chapters has been possible for several months now, but now the platform wants them to be created automatically, something that will be very practical, for example, when we publish an analysis and you can jump to a specific section with one click.

Redesign of the main page of the app

YouTube VR

The YouTube virtual reality application is going to be renewed with a new interface on the main screen. It seems that while Google has abandoned virtual reality hardware, it will not do the same with software.

Discovering playlists on Youtube Music

5 new features coming to YouTube for Android 1

Youtube Music will also receive news, such as the one that allows you to discover other users’ playlists from within the application, something that will help us discover new music.

Improvements in Youtube Kids

Parents will be able to expand the content that their children have available on YouTube Kids by sending various videos and channels to the profile for minors from the main application if they see fit.

Shorts will reach more countries

This platform’s commitment to short videos is currently only operational in India. soon it will arrive, still in beta, to the United States. We do not know yet when it will arrive in Europe.

Shopping from video

The last of the improvements is the way in which we can buy elements of a video. The integration of these messages will be more advanced, in order to improve the monetization of the videos and the purchase process from the mobile.

To these improvements are added others such as the possibility of generating income with new elements in the chats, such as applause, a function that, like all those mentioned, should arrive throughout 2021.

The entry 5 new functions that will come to Youtube for Android appears first in The Free Android.