5 new features come to Google’s screen speakers

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Table of Contents

The fight between Google and Amazon in the field of smart speakers goes beyond the audio quality of each device or the functions of the assistants.

Google, for example, is updating the firmware of the screen speakers that it sells in Spain but also that used by third-party manufacturers such as Lenovo. With the latest updates come 5 news.

New alarm interface

The first feature is a redesign of the interface used to set alarms. We can configure them in a much more advanced way, modifying the sound, the volume and even the time that has to pass until it silences itself.

Visual alarm

Another function is the alarm that mimics the sunrise using the screen as a lamp. We will establish the time at which it will start to turn on and little by little the brightness will rise, to wake up more calmly.

We can see these functions in the video they have recorded in Android Police:

Watch video

Family tab

The Nest Hub interface refresh brought a new tabbed content layout. Now a new one is added in which are the elements that we can use as a family.

New photo frame with the weather

5 new features come to Google's screen speakers

The next added function is a new photo frame featuring a frog that we will recognize from previous interfaces such as the Google weather app.

This photo frame changes dynamically according to the climate of our location, in addition to giving us data on the screen about it.

Notes or post-its on screen

5 new features come to Google's screen speakers

The fifth and final novelty is a feature that comes now but we knew was in development for a long time: the family notes. We can leave a luck of post-it on the screen for other family members to see.

These functions are coming to Spain although it is possible that not all will arrive at the same time. We have been able to test the first two but not the last three, for the moment.

The entry 5 new functions come to Google’s screen speakers appears first in The Free Android.