4 years of security updates for Samsung mobiles: this is the complete list of mobiles since 2019

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Samsung has been pushing almost as much or more than Google itself in terms of Android device update policies. In August 2020, the Korean company already announced that several of its phone lines would be guaranteed up to three years of operating system updates. Now it has gone one step further.

In an official statement from the manufacturer, Samsung has decided to extend the maintenance of its terminals in terms of security patches from three to four years. According to the company itself, all Galaxy products launched since 2019 will have four years of guaranteed security updates. Four full years that currently affect more than 130 models.

130 models with four years of updates already

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As we have said, in August Samsung decided increase Android updates from two to three years for several of your devices. Specifically, for the products of its lines Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z and the most powerful of the Galaxy A line, specifically the Galaxy A90 5G. It also did the same with its high ranges in tablets, from the Galaxy Tab S6 to the Galaxy Tab S7.

The movement now has to do with the operating system security patches, those that arrive with the monthly updates of Android and that as of 2019, as it has been filed retroactively until that date, it will take three to four years in total. Therefore, the models launched in 2019 will have guaranteed security updates until 2023.

Samsung fly the flag of safety commenting that this is where the new change in its update policy is headed, taking the opportunity to talk about its mobile-centric products with Knox and Knox Vault. “By embedding security at every layer of its devices, from the chip to the applications, Samsung can protect personal information in real time and respond proactively to increasingly advanced mobile threats.. “

“At Samsung, our number one priority is to provide the safest mobile experience for our users, so we are constantly optimizing the security of our products and services,” said Seungwon Shin, VP & Head of Security Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “Mobile devices play such an important role in our lives that it is only natural that we want to keep them longer. Thanks to the latest technological advances, we are committed to protecting Galaxy devices for longer, so that everything that needs to be protected is protected ”.

With this move, as we say, Samsung offers four years of security updates for more than 130 models in its catalog, while detailing each of them in a list that we reproduce below:

  • Foldable Galaxy Devices: Fold, Fold 5G, Z Fold2, Z Fold2 5G, Z Flip, Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy S: S10, S10 +, S10e, S10 5G, S10 Lite, S20, S20 5G, S20 +, S20 + 5G, S20 Ultra, S20 Ultra 5G, S20 FE, S20 FE 5G, S21 5G, S21 + 5G, S21 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy Note: Note10, Note10 5G, Note10 +, Note10 + 5G, Note10 Lite, Note20, Note20 5G, Note20 Ultra, Note20 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy A: A10, A10e, A10s, A20, A20s, A30, A30s, A40, A50, A50s, A60, A70, A70s, A80, A90 5G, A11, A21, A21s, A31, A41, A51, A51 5G, A71, A71 5G , A02s, A12, A32 5G, A42 5G
  • Galaxy M: M10s, M20, M30, M30s, M40, M11, M12, M21, M31, M31s, M51
  • Galaxy XCover: XCover4s, XCover FieldPro, XCover Pro
  • Galaxy Tab: Tab Active Pro, Tab Active3, Tab A 8 (2019), Tab A with S Pen, Tab A 8.4 (2020), Tab A7, Tab S5e, Tab S6, Tab S6 5G, Tab S6 Lite, Tab S7, Tab S7 +

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4 years of security updates for Samsung mobiles: this is the complete list of mobiles since 2019

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4 years of security updates for Samsung mobiles: this is the complete list of mobiles since 2019 1

4 years of security updates for Samsung mobiles: this is the complete list of mobiles since 2019 2