3D Photos in Google Photos with its latest update

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Table of Contents

In the company’s own words, the latest update to Google Photos arrives new features focused on automatic image collection and editing. That is, in the type of changes that Google automatically makes in the photographs or in the suggestions such as the image perspective or the contrast that the app proposes to save them as a new image.

Google Photos
Google Photos

3D photos and more news in the update of Google Photos

The 3D photos is just the icing on the cake, as the update awaits more novel details on the platform. However, it is the most interesting addition that it includes and that Google mentions as “cinematographic photographs”. It is nothing more than adding a three-dimensional effect to photos to give them movement and a sense of depth. Google Photos will animate some images by making the subject of the photo enlarge or move with respect to the background.

3d photos google photos

To achieve this effect what the app does is analyze the image and detect where depth is supposed to be to separate the background from the subject. Once the two parts have been differentiated, the artificial intelligence of Google Photos begins to separate the elements, leaving the subject closest to the camera and the background smaller. This will certainly create the 3D effect that we can achieve with some photos.

On the other hand, Google also adds new designs for your collages, allowing designs to be generated with colors and styles that more closely resemble the photographs in the collage. In principle, it will allow to have backgrounds and fonts more in line with the style of the photographs shown, ceasing to be as generic as in the past.

new collages google photos

And lastly, there new topics in Memories. Certain people will now be highlighted more based on how often they appear in images. Soon they will simply begin to highlight the user’s favorite objects, places, landscapes or activities as well.

We have to wait for the arrival of 3D to the Google service

Undoubtedly, all these new features improve the user experience on Android terminals, but unfortunately, this is only a preview. And it is that Google seems to be anticipating its decisions as it already did with the end of the unlimited space, although then they take a few months to carry them out.

This case will not be different, although with much less waiting time, since the arrival of the 3D photos to Google Photos and the rest of the news is expected to coincide with the entry of the next january, that is, just started 2021. The only thing left to worry about is having the app updated to the latest version available.