3 tricks to save battery in the summer

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3 tricks to save battery in the summer

Summer comes, a time in which we tend to be a high percentage of the day away from a plug. And although in Spain, in the world in general, we are in a scenario extraneous information that does not change is the possibility of running out of battery on our device.

Despite the fact that smartphones have large numbers in terms of autonomy and come equipped with the quick charge in many of them, it is always possible that we find ourselves in the thorny territory of the 15% of battery. To do this, we will share with you 3 tricks to save the battery this summer.

How can we save battery?

The council fast and simple would be to recommend that your smartphone has a battery of 4000 mAh and if comes with fast charging, the better. An antidote to avoid running out of battery, especially when we are away from any plug.

Obviously not everyone has a smartphone with these features and although I had, it is always good to know how to save battery in case I ever need to. For this reason, we have compiled three tips that you can do to not remain without a smartphone, especially away from home.

1. Activate only what is needed in each moment

The battery management on the part of Android and in some layers of software has evolved to a great extent, doing a great job in our day-to-day. However, this does not relieve us of that sometimes carry activated in our smartphone services that we’re not using.

Activate only what is needed in each moment

A high percentage of users carrying activated in your smartphone locationthe bluetooththe WiFi and the data connection “just in case”. This is usually not a problem, although if we want to save a bit of battery it is advisable to deactivate everything that we are not using.

2. Automate battery saving mode

Within the settings of our smartphone, in particular in the section dedicated to the batterywe can specify when the battery saving mode is automatically activated. This is really useful and interesting to see what we have configured.

Automate battery saving mode

According to the software layer of the device, it may differ a bit from one phone to another. Although in general lines, within the settings of the battery can specify the level at which it will activate automatically such a mode. It is recommended to set it between 15 – 20 percent. So we have margin to squeeze the autonomy that we have.

3. Use the dark mode and lower the brightness of the screen

The following settings tend to be activated to go into action the battery saving mode, however it is always interesting to know that we can make use of it manually. The screen it is the element that most energy-intensive of a smartphone, so that its correct configuration can cause us to extend the autonomy of our device.

Use the dark mode and lower the brightness of the screen

To do this, we have two options. Make use of the dark mode Androidthis makes the whole environment of the system to pass use colors such as dark grey, which consume less energy. Finally, the adjustment of the brightness of the screen usually help a lot, recommending lower it to the minimum level in case of extreme need.

Think twice, before you leave

There is something we can do if we want to avoid everything that we mentioned above. Something as simple as be cautious before you move away from a plugthis will prevent some other possible distress, if we see the low-battery level without remedy.

Think twice, before you leave

So first and foremost, charge your phone before leavingespecially if you have fast loading we do not have any excuse. In less than we think, our device will already have sufficient autonomy to forget about completely.

Another advice really useful is carry with you an external batteryobviously charged, or in default the charger of your smartphone. These items can save us on more than one occasion and unfortunately… we only remember them when we don’t have it to hand. And your What do you do to save battery life on your smartphone?

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