3 Free Alternatives to Kahoot for Contests

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alternatives to kahoot

In case you don’t know, Kahoot is a very good platform that is also free in which you can create quizzes to play, evaluate or whatever comes to your mind. Today it is already a tool used in classrooms of all kinds, even at the university. Thanks to it, learning is reinforced and also has a good time. But what if one day you can’t get into it? Well what you need alternatives to Kahoot and that is what we are going to give you in this article. Different websites and platforms that have the same mission as Kahoot.

Finding alternatives is complicated since Kahoot is a very good platform that has with up to 1,000 game modes available both in groups and individually. You will find a lot of questions prepared by the teacher or the one who leads the game who will pass questions one by one. You will have a modifiable countdown, also the answers, you can add images, videos and in the end the person who gets the most points will win. Therefore, as we say, it is a very complete platform in its work.

But do not worry, in Android Help we are experts in finding alternatives and in this case we have them. Many of the ones that we are going to list are dedicated directly to teachers and their classes and others not so much. In any case, alternatives to Kahoot you will have in the following paragraphs.

List of alternatives to Kahoot


As we say, we are going to make a good list of apps that you can download directly from the Google Play Store. We will try to make them free so that it is only to click, download and start preparing your classes or question events. Let’s go there with that list.


Maybe Quizizz is the best alternative to Kahoot and that’s why we wanted to start with it. Normally we do not make the lists from better to worse or much less, but in this case we want to recommend this as the first option. In fact if you enter its link in the Google Play Store you will see that it is also of the best rated and most downloaded. Therefore, that already indicates a tendency of your colleagues or of those people who prepare questionnaires for fun.

It is an application totally designed for you to prepare questionnaires and it has a very good configuration behind them. You will see the results in real time while the students. As we told you, with this app you are going to get many students to have a good time during class, but you can also use it anywhere you want, such as in an office. In fact, see if it is good that all participants will not have to download the app. Just like Kahoot. The best alternative to Kahoot clearly.

Classdojo: Classroom and house

Classdojo: Aula y casa is another very good app developed almost exclusively for teachers, parents and of course, students, they can interact with each other with each and every one of the games it contains. As with the previous ones, and this is something that is repeated even in the worst case, it will make life easier for students and improve learning.

In Classdojo there will be teamwork, something that did not happen in the previous ones and it can be very good if you want that type of class more in groups. In addition, parents will have a different experience because will receive images, videos and communications from the teachers. You should not worry about the safety of your children or your students, nor about the security of these confidential messages since they will only be read by the recipient and they are not at risk as they are encrypted.

If we spoke well of the Quizizz downloads, Classdojo: Aula y casa is an app with more than 10 million downloads and it is also free and it is well done. Another very good alternative to Kahoot that you must try.

Poll Everywhere

As we already have some very good apps dedicated exclusively to classes, we wanted to vary a bit and focus now on one that is not designed for it although it can be used in the classroom. It is called Poll Everywhere and it has been created so that you can carry out many surveys with which to obtain trends and specific data from the people surveyed. In this way you will know what your audience, your students or whoever is answering prefers.

The app is very basic and has a simple and intuitive interface that you will learn to use in a very short time. Also if you do not have the app downloaded and you are part of those who respond there will be the possibility of replying via SMS from the mobile phone and thus the response will also be counted. If not, you can always download the app, click on the “poll” link and enter to reply. In the end, it is the best option, although today SMS usually cost € 0, therefore, we do not care a bit. It does not hurt to know the option.

All the responses that are made in the created Poll are collected and the same system will do a graph in the purest Excel or Power Point style to be able to add the collected data one after another and make everything more visual. A hoot. Despite the latter, the app weighs about 14Mb, ​​so you can always have it available on your phone.

And since we have given you download data from the previous ones, Poll Everywhere was not going to be less: It already has more than 500,000 downloads since it was launched in the Google Play Store. We can say that it is a very good app for its purpose.

We hope this article has been helpful and that from now on if you have a problem with the platform you will find out about different alternatives to Kahoot so that the pace of the class does not stop. Therefore, if you have any further app questions or suggestions, you can comment on it in the comments box that you will find below. See you in the next Android Help article.