3 apps to turn your old mobile into a security camera

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Security camera

Many people in Spain have an old Android mobile that they no longer use. When you have a mobile that you no longer use, several options are presented, such as selling it. Although there are people who do not want to sell it, but they seek to give it a new use, something that firms like Samsung seek to promote as well. Among those uses is to turn it into a security camera.

We can convert our old Android mobile into other devices thanks to some applications for it. We have already done it with a GPS locator for the car, but we can also turn it into a security camera to use in our house. There are three apps for it.

Alfred Surveillance Camera

Alfred security camera app

Alfred is possibly one of the best known applications for converting your old Android phone in a security camera. It is an application that gives us all the functions we need in a camera for the surveillance of our home, as well as being very easy to configure (it takes just a few minutes). The functions that this app provides us are:

  • Live broadcast 34/7.
  • Intruder alerts (if something is detected with the camera you get an alert).
  • Low light filter to see when it’s dark.
  • Walkie-talkie: allows you to interact with the house.
  • Zoom.
  • Scheduling and reminders.
  • Save videos to the cloud.

Alfred security camera app

You will have to install the app on your current mobile and the one you want to use as a camera. On the other mobile you can see the image that the old mobile is recording at all times, in addition to receiving alerts (both as notification and email) when movement is detected. Alfred is a simple app to turn your mobile into a security camera.

App download is free, although there are a lot of ads inside. If you want to remove the ads and also be able to record in HD, you will have to use the premium version, which has an annual plan for only 2.49 euros per month.

AtHome Camera: home security

Watch video

AtHome is another application that will transform your old Android mobile into a security camera for your home. This app has similar functions to the previous one, to provide good surveillance in your home. We can record all day, also at night, thanks to its special night mode, as well as detect intruders thanks to its face recognition technology. If motion is detected, the app will issue alerts on the phone.

It also has a microphone, so that we can communicate with that room in which the mobile is recording. The recording that is made on the old Android mobile can be seen from another phone, but also from the computer. In addition, the app promises great privacy, because all the connections between your phone and the streaming are encrypted.

The application is free to download on Android. Inside there are a large number of ads, which we can eliminate with its paid version, which also gives us access to additional functions.



The third application that we can use in this case is Haven, which can transform our old Android mobile into a security camera. This app take advantage of device sensors to monitor a certain space at home, by having a motion, sound, vibration and lighting detector. This will allow detecting the entry of intruders in that room at all times, allowing you to be aware of it.

The application allows us choose which camera of the mobile we want to use, to get the most out of it. It also allows us to set timers, to record certain moments if we want. In its configuration it allows configuring a large number of options to use it in the best possible way.

Haven is an application that we can download for free on Android. In addition, there are no purchases or advertisements of any kind inside.

3 apps to turn your old mobile into a security camera 3

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