2 ways to pass the data of your Android phone old to the new

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It is possible that just release an Android phone, can you have been gifted one of these last Christmas. When it launches the phone, there are a few first steps that we must take, in addition to installing some applications that are essential. Another aspect that we usually import a lot as we change our phone, is to pass the data from the old to the new.

This process of transferring data from your Android phone old to the new has been simplified significantly with the passage of time. In addition, there are several ways to be able to do this. Below we show you two methods to call upon if you wish to pass such data.

From your Google account

2 ways to pass the data of your Android phone old to the new 1

What is more likely is that you use the same Google account on your new Android phone. From Android 5.0 there is the possibility of using this account to transfer the data between the old device and the new. We can make a backup of all these dataso that applications, contacts, passwords and more can be transferred between the two devices. In addition, the photos and videos are synced too with Google Photos.

This is a simple method, but it is very effective and completedue to the fact that it affects practically all data on the phone. The steps to do this are simple, by first using your old phone:

  1. Open the settings of the phone.
  2. Enters the section of Accounts / Google on some phones.
  3. Enter in the Google account.
  4. Choose what options or data you want to synchronize.

Once you have done this, we come to the new Android phone that you want to use. The steps to follow are simple, as that when you enter into the phone, you will have to use the same Google account, so that we you can sync the data later. When such account is already in operation on the phone, we will be able to choose which data and applications are the ones that we want to synchronize on this new phone.

Send files wirelessly

2 ways to pass the data of your Android phone old to the new 2

Another method that we can use in Android is to transfer these data and files wirelessly between the two devices. This is possible in several ways, such as by using Tap & Go, although this method has already been losing presence in the phones with the operating system. While in previous versions, such as Android 5.0 or 6.0 is still an option which is very popular-

The NFC is a method that we can use to transfer these files between the two devices. In addition, some manufacturers put at the disposal of users applications to transfer this data. OnePlus have an app called OnePlus Switch or Samsung account also with one of their own, called Samsung Smart Switch. Thanks to these applications it is possible to transfer files between the two phones.

It is enough that the two are connected to the same WiFi network for that to be possible. It is a similar principle that can be used in Aidrop, which is expected to come to Android this year, even several brands will have their own, that will allow us to send data, such as contacts or more, between two phones. Currently there are some alternatives to this system, which allow us to send data between devices in a very simple manner.

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