13 shortcuts or & # 039; App Shortcuts & # 039; useful to do tasks faster on Android

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13 useful shortcuts or 'App Shortcuts' to do tasks faster on Android

It seems like yesterday, but App Shortcuts (or shortcuts to apps, as Google calls it in Spanish) they arrived with Android Nougat 7.1, four years ago. Like almost everything in Android, it was not until much later that they began to be available to users in various applications, although their semi-hidden condition makes them go quite unnoticed.

These shortcuts allow you open a specific section of an application directly from the launcher, so they are ideal for doing quick tasks like check if you have updates available on Google Play. Here we list 13 of these App shortcuts useful that can streamline how you use your mobile.

Remember that these shortcuts, or App Shortcuts, are accessible after do a long tap on an app in a launcher that support them. Most modern launchers like Nova Launcher, Action Launcher o Pixel Launcher versions are compatible with App Shortcuts.



The application Google clock It comes pre-installed in a good part of Android mobiles and has four shortcuts for its main functions. From them you can start stopwatch or timer, activate screensaver mode quickly or set a new alarm.

Google Chrome


When opening Google Chrome, it is quite common that your next step is to open a new tab so as not to overwrite what you already had open. A faster way is from its shortcuts, with which you can open a new tab normal or in incognito mode.



Shazam is one of the applications to recognize songs best known. The speed to start music recognition is essential, as you need to start recording before the song ends. A very quick way to do this is by using the shortcut Shazam now, which triggers recognition immediately. You can also use a shortcut to start the continuous recognition mode of Auto Shazam.

Google maps


Google Maps is a relatively complex application, although its shortcuts are kept simple. There are two, one for work and one for home. Tapping on one of them opens the navigation mode from your current location to work or home, depending on which you have chosen. The alternative would involve opening Google Maps, tapping on search, and pressing Start.

Google drive


Google Drive currently has three shortcuts. The upload and search will be useful at the appropriate times, although my favorite is the one to scan, with which the camera is opened directly to digitize a document using the mobile. Afterwards, Google Drive automatically does the cropping and adjustment and allows you to save the result as a PDF in your Google Drive.



One way not to forget to add a reminder to the Google calendar is to do it directly from the shortcut. In Google Calendar, you have two accesses: one to create new normal events and another to create reminders. Both allow you to get to the point without having to go through the main calendar window.

Google Play Games


Over time, Google Play Games has incorporated a series of minigames such as Pac-Man or Solitaire. In the shortcuts in the launcher you will find four of these mini-games, ready to go straight away, without any preamble.

Google play


The Google application store has a single shortcut, but the truth is that it is quite useful. Using access to My apps can quickly check if you have updates available of the applications installed on the mobile, saving you a few taps and menu navigation.

Google fit


Google Fit also has a few shortcuts to make it easy for you to access two of the most used functions. On the one hand, you can start register a new workout directly, and on the other you can go to the window to enter your weight.



If you use WhatsApp frequently, the shortcuts of the application can speed up opening the chat with any of the most frequent contacts. WhatsApp shortcuts show three recent contacts and another to open the camera to post statuses.



The official Slack app for Android has support for Shortcuts App, being able to directly enter a specific workgroup, open the search or, my favorite, open the window to activate do not disturb mode. Useful if you went on vacation and you forgot to put it and you don’t want to enter the chat in case you read something that spoils your vacation.

Google Duo


Google Duo is an extremely simple video calling application, although it is always possible to make the process even faster. With Google Duo shortcuts, you can start a video recording or make a video call to one of the frequent contacts, without having to enter the application first.



Finally, we have the camera application. It may vary from one mobile to another, but most manufacturers include support for App Shortcuts in their camera, including at least one shortcut to open the camera in normal mode or with in selfie mode or video recording mode.

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13 useful shortcuts or ‘App Shortcuts’ to do tasks faster on Android

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13 shortcuts or & # 039; App Shortcuts & # 039; useful to do tasks faster on Android 1

13 shortcuts or & # 039; App Shortcuts & # 039; useful to do tasks faster on Android 2