13 free tools to easily send large files online

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The Internet is used today by many people and for several reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to, sharing and sending files online. However, the use of the Internet in this context obeys several restrictions, including strict compliance with the authorized size of the files to be sent. Thus, to allow you to “bypass” this restriction. We reveal to you in the lines below how to send a big file easily on the internet.
Instant messaging, cloud services, transfer sites, peer to peer file sharing and sending system are among others the online file sending tools that will be presented in the rest of this article.

Send large files via email?

Nowadays, instant messengers can also send different types of files: PDF, images, audio, video, etc. In addition, the size allowed depends largely on the instant messaging service used.
For example for Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s instant messenger, there is no file size limit. However, the larger the size of the file to send, the longer the sending time becomes. In this case, a stable internet connection is required to send a large file.

In the case of WhatsApp, the files you want to send must not exceed 16MB. However, you can use the application. File Sender or WaSend in order to overcome this constraint. File Sender allows you to send files of up to 160MB. And WaSend gives you the option to send files of 150MB.

Another alternative that allows you to send large files online is the Cloud. The Cloud refers to the computer techniques used to store data on remote servers and make them accessible through the Internet. With the Cloud, the size of the files transferred can exceed 1 GB. On the Cloud Computing market, there are several providers who offer offers as diverse as they are varied. We’ve made a selection of the best tools for you to send your large files through cloud services.

Firefox Send

how to send a large file via Firefox Send

Firefox Send is mainly used with the Mozilla Firefox browser. It allows sharing of large files online up to 1 GB in size. In addition, Firefox Send allows people with a Firefox account to send large files with size over 2 GB (2.5 GB). Additionally, Firefox Send makes it easy for recipients by sending them a link to click to download the file.



pCloud is on the rise among the players offering Cloud services.
Following the opening of an account on this platform, you immediately benefit from 10 GB of space. Also, if you want to extend this capacity, there are several ways you have to invite your friends and acquaintances to join. You get 1 GB more storage when you pass.
However, if you want to get more capacity, you can use the paid offers:

  • 500 GB for $ 3.99
  • 1TB for $ 7.99

pCloud gives you the option to send an invitation link to the recipient so that they can access the large file sent without needing a pCloud account. This then makes it very easy to send large files online.


how to send heavy files online

Created by the giant Microsoft, Onedrive is a Cloud solution that you can use to send your large files online. With Onedrive, when opening your account, you have a free space of 15 GB to transfer your large files. If you want more, in terms of space, you can choose one of the options offered by the firm:

  • 50 GB at 2 euros / month / user
  • 1 TB at 4 euros / month / user
  • 5 TB at 8.40 euros / month / user

Google drive

Google drive

Google Drive is an online file storage and transfer solution implemented by Google. To be able to use it, you must create an account on Google Drive. Also, if you already have a Gmail or YouTube account, you can easily link it to Google Drive. As soon as your account is created, you immediately benefit from free 15 GB storage. If you want to use more space to send your large files with GDrive, you can choose one of the firm’s offers: 100 GB to 1.99 euros / month or 30 TB at 299.99 euros / month and per user.
Finally, to send your heavy files online via Google Drive, you have the option of communicating an invitation link to the recipient that they will use to access the file.


how to send a large file with DropBox

DropBox is an online file sending service offered by the company of the same name. With DropBox, if you have a free account, you can benefit from a free storage space of 2 GB. This means that with such an account, you cannot send large files larger than 2 GB. Go.
If you need more space, you can invite your loved ones to use the service through the DropBox sponsorship offer. In addition, DropBox provides you with various offers that can meet your needs for sending large files online.

  • 1 TB for 9.99 euros / month / user
  • 2 TB between 10 and 18 euros / user

You can also benefit from a tailor-made service if you wish.

Large files can be sent online thanks to file transfer sites which differ from each other, especially in terms of storage space offered.
Below we present some of the most used and comprehensive file transfer sites.


how to send a big file with wetransfer

Available from this platform, WeTransfer is a solution that allows you to send large files over the internet. Two versions are available. A first free offer, which does not require any registration. And which gives the possibility of sending large files of 2 GB. The second offer, as for it is paying (12 euros / month / user). Gives you the option to send files up to 20 GB. Either way, you can send a download link to recipients of your large files. So that they download them.

Swiss Transfer

how to send heavy files

Among the file transfer sites available on the market that offer the possibility of sending large files online, we can mention Swiss Transfer. This transfer site, whose servers are installed in Switzerland, offers several facilities, in particular strict protection of personal data and almost free services (no subscription required).
So with Swiss Transfer, you can send large files of 25 GB at one time. You can also choose options such as the length of time the file is available, the limit on the number of downloads, password protection, etc.



TransferNow is an efficient and easy solution for transferring large files. You can use to send up to 4 GB of files without registering on the platform. For the premium version, the service gives you the possibility to send online up to 20 GB of files.
You can send your large files directly to recipients via their email or by sharing a link that you have generated. In addition, with TransferNow, you can secure the sending of files with a password that you communicate to the recipients for downloading the file.
For the free version, recipients have 7 days to download the files you send them through TransferNow. With the Premium version, you can send your large files to 50 people at once. They have 30 days to download the files.



Smash, is a completely free platform. It offers a great ad-free solution. In addition, there is no weight limit. You don’t have to worry about the size of your files. Sent files are deleted after 7 days.

Big files

large files

Big Files allows you to transfer large files up to 10 GB easily without any cost. In return, the platform broadcasts advertising. There is a paid version without ads. After 14 days, your uploaded files are deleted.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is an excellent platform which gives the possibility to transfer large files. Your heavy files may be available for 7 days.



Filemail allows you to send large files of up to 30 GB. Its free version limits the storage of your file to 7 days.


13 free tools to easily send large files online 1

This tool provides large file transfer up to 4.96 GB maximum. You have the option of protecting your file with a password. This allows your recipient to have unique access.

Send a large file in peer to peer?

One of the latest techniques you can use to send your large files over the internet is peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer technology. Also abbreviated as P2P, Peer-to-Peer is a technical solution in which each computer present in the network is client and server. Thus, with this technique, computers can share large files without going through a server. This allows you to override the file size limit to send. Because the size limit depends on the capacity of the hard disks of the computers present in the network.
One of the hottest apps for sending large files online is Resilio Sync. Formerly known as BitTorrent Sync. Available for computers (Windows and Mac) and Smartphones (Android and iOS). In addition, Resilio Sync offers free access for basic use such as folder synchronization. For the paid offer, you benefit from several exclusive advanced services.

How to transfer large files quickly?

To transfer large files, you have the option to use the above tools. Then, you must enter your email address and that of the recipient. Then upload your files to complete the transfer.

What is the best tool for transferring large files?

For the choice of the best tool, we leave it to you to make your choice. Indeed, these tools are almost all similar except for a few differences. Make your choice according to the accepted file size limit, interface, etc.