12 best free video conferencing software for telecommuting

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Formerly very expensive, today videoconferencing software is almost free. Businesses use it to reduce travel expenses. Also, they greatly facilitate teleworking. You can make good quality video calls with providers, providers all over the world. This allows you to stay at home and communicate with your business by video. They can be used to give conferences, chat with your colleague, to do training.

In this article, you have the 12 best free video conferencing software.


zoom - videoconferencing

It is a great teleconferencing tool. The company is based in California, San Jose. Besides, Zoom was launched on April 21, 2020. This tool also allows you to perform videoconferences, as well as work meetings. It has a free version with a limited number of participants of 100 people. Multi-party meetings are also limited to 40 minutes. However, you can make unlimited face-to-face video calls. Zoom is available on smartphone and desktop.

Meet google

meet google - videoconference

Meet is the videoconferencing service launched by Google. It will officially replace Hangouts in a few months. You can create business meetings for free with 100 participants. It is also cross-platform. You will find it on Android, iOS, web.


Skype - videoconferencing

Skype is a very famous software for making video calls. This software is also available on several platforms. It has the following features: screen shares, subtitles on live videos, record conversations.
The free version offers many possibilities. The release date of this tool was in August 2003.


Whereby - free video conference

To use Whereby, you don’t need to do a long registration or download an app. You can use it directly with your web browser. To make an online video conference, you simply have to go to the browser and create your work meeting. To host your meeting, you need to invite your colleagues by sharing a link. The free mode allows you to create only a meeting room. And the number of invitation is unlimited.



This video conferencing tool is based on free software called jitsi meet. Framatalk is easy to use, without registration. You only need to create your living room. Then you need to invite your collaborators. To do this, you must send an email containing the address of your salon.


LiveStorm conference

LiveStorm offers several great features for free. In particular meetings with 4 people, webinars, surveys, video conferences. In addition, it is also possible to integrate with collaboration software. Such as Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom.


Jitsi meet

Jitsi meet is available on browsers and smartphones. This video conference tool allows you to create an unlimited meeting with 50 participants for free. In addition, you can share your screens simultaneously. It can be integrated with Google Calendar as well as Office 365.


zaTalks - videoconference

ezTalks is a software that gives the possibility to create meetings, as well as webinars. The free version includes the creation of webinars for a maximum duration of 1 hour 40 minutes for 25 participants.

U Meeting

A meeting for the videoconference

U meeting is the property of the world’s leader in multimedia software: CyberLink. It is accessible from browsers, but also for download. You can make video calls in a meeting for up to 30 minutes.

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Webex cisco mettings - videoconference

Webex is software designed by Cisco for telecommuting. The free version includes the creation of unlimited meetings for 20 hours and for 100 participants.


Gotalk videoconferencing

Gotalk is a tool to organize free videoconferences as well as meetings of up to 4 participants. To use it, you don’t need to download. Your web browsers will do the trick. In order for your employees to join the show, you must share your email or on social networks.

What is the point of videoconferencing

The videoconference allows you to have an incomparable saving of time, to carry out a meeting with external partners. Indeed, you have the possibility of bringing together several people from various places of the earth in the same places without moving them. The money provided for plane tickets becomes a saving. Video conferencing also facilitates collaborations with remote service providers.

What tool used for videoconferencing

Above you have several tools to make video calls, videoconferences, meetings. Make your choice according to the number of participants and the objective of your business.

You’ve just seen the best free video conferencing software for the job. If you know of others, please share them in the comments. Thank you for sharing this article on your various social networks.