10 free applications to scan a document on Android and iPhon

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Today smartphones have a lot of features. In addition to communicating and browsing, it is now possible to scan documents with your smartphone. Unbelievable ? I won’t say so much, technology is developing faster than its shadow ;-). There are many applications for scanning documents. Being free, they are reliable. To scan a document with a smartphone, you need a special application. They use the quality of smartphone cameras. You get an optimal rendering more than a physical scanner. The advantage of document scanning applications is that they are accessible and easy to use. You can therefore scan your documents with your smartphone (Android and iPhone) quickly and send them by email, WhatsApp or Messenger. So discover the top 10 applications for scanning a document in the rest of this article.


CamScanner is very reliable and fast to scan a document, a photo. It is a Chinese application launched in 2011. It is also available on Android and iOS. Easy to use, this mobile application will allow you to scan and share in pdf and jpg format. The android download link is: Download CamScanner . To get the iOS version, please click Download CamScanner iOS.


ScanBot is also a great app to scan your documents as well as QR codes. It has a much more colorful interface. To download ScanBot on Android, please click here.

best application to scan documents - scanbot

Microsoft Office Lens

In 2015, Microsoft Office Lens was one of the best apps in the United States. In addition to being a free application, it allows you to scan your documents and optimize the rendering of your documents. You have the option to save your documents to OneDrive or OneNote. To download Office Lens on Android, please click here.

application to scan documents - Microsoft Office Lens

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan has over 800,000 users on Android. It is a free application that allows you to scan your photos, documents or receipts. It allows you to modify your documents. Indeed, it gives you the ability to adjust colors, crop and reorganize your scanned documents. You can download it from this link.

adobe scan - applications to scan your documents

Scannable Evernote

Evernote Scannable is an application for scanning documents on iPhone and iPad only. It is super fast, you can scan any type of document and share them. To download Evernote on iPhone, please click here.

scannable evernote - scanner app for iPhone and iPad

Genius Scan

According to The Grizzly Labs, Genius Scan has more than 20 million users around the world. This application allows the detection of the document and then eliminates the background for an optimal rendering.

Genius Scan - best mobile apps for scanning documents


PhotoScan is designed by Google. Digitizing your photos with this application is to obtain a rendering without unwanted reflections. The quality of the rendering is more than satisfactory. PhotoScan automatically corrects stability and cropping problems. It takes you a few seconds to scan your photos. To download PhotoScan, please click here.

PhotoScan - applications for scanning documents

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is an application capable of scanning your documents and improving readability. After scanning your document with Tiny Scanner, you will be able to send it by email or save it. It is available on Android and iOS.

Text Fairy

This application is free, and it has the main features to scan or scan documents. Text Fairy converts documents to pdf format. This format allows good readability of documents. This app is only available on Android.

Text Fairy - applications for scanning documents - on android.

Doc Scan (iPhone and iPad)

It’s app is only available on iOS. Indeed, it automatically crops your scanned documents. However, it is not compatible with OneDrive, DropBox or iCloud. For this you should upgrade to the Pro version. To download Doc Scan, please click here.

Doc Scan - applications for scanning documents

How do smartphone scanning apps work?

Applications for scanning a document mainly work with the smartphone camera. To scan a document, you need to take a photo of the document you want to scan. Then, the application takes care of managing the borders of the document. Finally, She will retouch the photo so that it looks like a scanned document.

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