0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) “We can’t find your camera” in Windows 10?

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Problem: How to fix the error code: 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) “We cannot find your camera” in Windows 10?

Hi, my camera app can’t open on my MSI laptop. When I try to open it, I get a “we can’t find your camera” error with an error code 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5). Can someone please help me, as I am going to have an important Skype conference in two days? Please help!

Resolved answer

Windows 10 PCs and laptops frequently have problems related to the Camera application. One of the webcam errors is “We can’t find your camera”, which has an error code 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5). Although this error can appear after updating your Windows 10 or running its updates, users say that it can also occur suddenly. In other cases, they cannot get the camera to work, which ends with error 0xA00F4244 .

Most victims who experience error 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) claim that it appeared after installing the September (1607) update, but apparently, the latest updates did not solve this problem. The error 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) is strange as often people use the webcam for Skype and OneNote without problems, but when they try to open the camera itself, a black screen appears with an error code.

The error message contains a recommendation for a PC user to check if the camera application has been installed properly, if it has not been blocked by anti-virus, or if the camera drivers are up to date. These are the first steps that should be taken in order to fix the error 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) in Windows 10.

However, many users stated that the tips provided have not helped them at all and have continued to experience errors such as 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) or 0xA00F4244 . Hopefully, there are several things you can try to make sure your camera is working fine again.

How to fix “We can't find your camera” error code: 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) on Windows 10?

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How to fix the error code: 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) “We can’t find your camera” in Windows 10?

Camera errors can be particularly annoying, and despite the provided error codes, users are unable to fix errors 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) or 0xA00F4244 . If you haven’t tried any of the solutions above, we provide anything that can help you. If you’ve already tried any, just skip to the steps below.

Method 1. Run the Windows troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooters are good solutions for buggy applications. Although the tool will not necessarily fix your camera problems, it can lead you in the right direction, for sure:

  • Press the keys Windows + I to open Setting.
  • Go to Updates and Security.
  • Click on Problem solver on the left.
  • On the right, you should see all the available troubleshooters. If not, click on Additional Troubleshooters.Go to Additional troubleshooters
  • Swipe to locate Windows Store Apps.
  • Click on it and select Run the troubleshooter.Run Windows apps troubleshooter

Method 2. Restart your webcam

Method 3. Check Camera Version

It may be that your Camera was developed before Windows 7, meaning that it is not compatible with Windows 10 system anymore, and you have to replace it with a new one. To check it, you have to:

  • Right click on the start button and select Device administrator.
  • Locate imaging devices and find your camera. If it’s not there, check the tab Camera, Sound, Video and Game Controllers.
  • Right click on the name of your webcam and select Properties.
  • Click on the tab Controller and select Controller details.
  • You should see a file that includes stream.sys. If it is not there, it means that your camera has been developed before the release of Windows 7, which means that it is no longer compatible with the version of the Windows 10 operating system. If, however, the file is listed, you should replace the camera for a new one.Check camera version

Method 4. Update your camera drivers

You can use Device Manager to update your camera drivers, although it is not the optimal option to do so. It is best to go directly to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver from there. If you don’t know your camera model and don’t have enough technical knowledge, we strongly recommend that you use an automatic update program like DriverFix.

This program will not only update your missing or corrupt drivers, it will also make backup copies in case something goes wrong. You should never have to worry about outdated or corrupt drivers anymore, as this software will do it all for you – all you need to do is hit the Check button.

Method 5. Recover your webcam drivers

Very often, errors like 0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) happen after updating drivers. If you have recently updated your webcam drivers, you should try to undo the changes,

  • Right click on the start button and select Device administrator.
  • Click twice on imaging devices or in the section of Camera and then right click on the name of your webcam.
  • Choose Properties and click on the Driver tab.
  • Click on Roll back drivers and click on Yes to confirm the changes.Revert your driver
  • Finally, restart your PC.

How to solve 0xA00F4244 efficiently?

As we mentioned before, thousands of users have complained about a very similar error “We cannot find your Camera” in Windows 10 – 0xA00F4244 . If you’ve tried all the solutions from before to no avail, we recommend that you make sure you have the permissions set correctly.

Tip 1. Allow applications to use your camera

Tip 2. Adjust privacy settings

In some cases, 0xA00F4244 may be disabled by default due to privacy settings. Check it out with the following solution:

  • Press the keys Windows + I to open Setting.
  • Go to Privacy.0xA00F4244 (0xC00D36D5) "We can't find your camera" in Windows 10? 1 Privacy” alt=”Go to Settings> Privacy”/>
  • Under the Application permissions on the left, click Camera.
  • Make sure the access to the Chamber It is activated. If not, click Change Y Activate the switch to the right (on position)
    Tweak privacy settings2

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