Zoom for Android now lets you broadcast live on YouTube

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Zoom has become one of the most popular applications of this year, due to the confinement that Spain suffered last spring. This application has become a common medium for work meetings, as well as meetings of friends. These months, new functions have been introduced in the popular application, such as its dark mode.

The people in charge of Zoom now introduce an important function in the application. Since from now on, the application has support for live streaming on YouTube. This function is made official in version number of the application, which is already being launched in the Play Store.

Stream your Zoom meetings on YouTube

Zoom broadcast on YouTube

The great novelty that this new version of Zoom leaves us is the possibility of broadcast live on YouTube from your Android phone. This function was something that was already present in the application, but now it is more accessible and simple on Android phones. Since it is something that is entered in the menu within the meetings, so it will only be necessary to make a click to start this broadcast on YouTube.

Although it seems easy, in order to do this certain requirements have to be met, otherwise it will not be possible. On the one hand, your account on YouTube or your channel you have to have the ability to broadcast live since, if not possible, the process will stop on the YouTube access page and you will not be able to broadcast live.

Besides, you also have to enable YouTube live streaming in your Zoom account, to be able to use it in your app on Android. This is something that you are going to do in the web version of the video calling application, where you have to enter the account settings. There you will find an option to allow your meetings to be broadcast live. By activating this option, it will also be shown in the application on Android.

An important update for Zoom, which continues to be one of the most used applications, especially now that more and more countries return to some type of confinement and working from home is something more common. The new version of the app is already launched in the Play Store:

Zoom for Android now lets you broadcast live on YouTube 1


The Zoom entry for Android already allows you to broadcast live on YouTube, it appears first in El Androide Libre.