YouTube Music is updated in a big way for Android TV: all the news

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YouTube Music Featured

Almost two months ago the YouTube Music app for Android TV, thus allowing you to play your favorite music directly on your Smart TV. After these two months since its launch, Google is preparing to improve the application with the introduction of a series of new functions in it, to give it better use.

The application has been expanding these months, after reaching Android TV and its integration with Google Assistant. Google search that YouTube Music keep getting better on Android TV, as well as on Google TV. A number of new features have been announced for the app.

YouTube Music for Android TV is updated

YouTube Music for Android TV interface

Users who have the YouTube Music app on your Android TV device they will be able to enjoy two new functions or improvements in the application. After launching the app on these devices in the summer, Google has been taking note of the improvements that users wanted, so these new features should be good news for users.

Google confirms a number of features that launch on televisions with Android TV, as well as the new Chromecast with Google TV. First of all, it will be possible access the songs you have uploaded to your library YouTube Music directly from your Android TV. The playback screen is also improved, with a new playback interface, which shows you the progress bar, as well as the name of the song and the name of the artist.

In addition, on those Android TV devices, on the home screen, you will see a new application window designed to help you find new songs, whether they are classics, popular songs on the charts or the newest songs that have been released. launched on the market in these weeks.

YouTube Music for Android TV

Google also announces improvements for Smart TV, those that do not use Android TV as an operating system. In your case, the first big improvement is the ability to enjoy your music library in an easier way. You will be able to access your songs, like those that you have uploaded to your account, from the Music tab in the YouTube application. In addition, the application makes it easier to find those songs that you like, since the images that are shown with the album and song covers have been renewed, so that it is easier to identify them.

YouTube Music is updated in a big way for Android TV: all the news 1

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