YouTube Music for Android Auto now lets you listen to your own music for free

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Android Auto will allow customization of the launcher

Despite not being one of the leading applications in Spain, Google Play Music was a very popular option for users to listen to their own music in the personal cloud. With the change to YouTube Music, these users have lost many of these advantages, such as the support of Android Auto in those who were not subscribed. And as Google prepares to shut down Play Music, they had to do something.

YouTube Music for Android Auto is now useful for free users

Despite the free YouTube, the Music variant was born as a streaming service designed to be paid and that you subscribe, but over the months and the imminent closure of Google Play Music they have had to put the batteries with the Free users, who despite the insistence of YouTube, are not willing to pay for what they have been enjoying for years for free.

YouTube Music for Android Auto now lets you listen to your own music for free 1

For a few months we have been able to upload our own music to YouTube Music, and in recent days we learned that free users can finally download the playlists of their own music to listen offline. Today we know another great improvement, and it is that finally the YouTube Music application for Android Auto is already useful for free users.

To date, the application had no options for free users on Android Auto, while in the last few hours Google is deploying a functionality that allows us to listen to our music (which we have uploaded to YouTube Music). The functionality is being deployed both to the version of Android Auto for cars and to that of our mobile, so that you use the version you use you will have the possibility.

YouTube Music Featured

In this way, YouTube Music continues to earn points among free users. Beyond listening to our own music, a few days ago it also extended the free functionalities to smart speakers or a new design for Android TV. Now it just needs to finish coming to Wear OS watches so that we can begin to consider it as the replacement for Play Music.

YouTube Music for Android Auto now lets you listen to your own music for free 3


The YouTube Music entry for Android Auto now allows you to listen to your own free music appears first in The Free Android.