YouTube is inspired by TikTok: test videos of 15 seconds

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How to view YouTube in a floating window using the official application

TikTok has become one of the most popular applications among young people in Spain from their arrival to Android and iOS. Despite the fact that the security and privacy of the application has been called into question on many occasions, it continues to enjoy great popularity during the confinement at the global level. So much so, that some apps are inspired by it, as happens now with YouTube.

The videos of 15 seconds is something that has helped the popularity of TikTok. It is precisely this function which sets on YouTube, that indeed, you are beginning to try. Short videos of just 15 secondsdesigned especially for content creators, as it says in the own company. This is not the first time that are inspired by other apps, as we saw with their stories.

YouTube copy of it to TikTok


YouTube is going to test a function which copied the mechanics of recording TikTok, betting on this format of 15 seconds for these videos. In fact, the way of recording these videos is going to be identical, as there will be a button in the interface of the mobile, which let you capture a sequence, allowing link shots by segments and thus complete those 15 seconds. In addition, this content may only be recording and uploading from the app on the mobile.

The company is looking for content creators to be able to easily record multiple clips with the app on your mobile and upload them as a single video on your account. Will get a option called “Create a video” in the load options, where you can press and hold the record button to record that clip. If the button is released, stops recording, and to repeat those steps to have that video of 15 seconds, to then climb in to your account.

By now there are a few users on YouTube, both in the application in Android as in iOSthose who have access to the same. It is expected that it is going to be deployed to more users at some point, but the company has not said anything so far. The information given so far is very limited, so we will have to wait to know more about these plans.

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