YouTube improves video playback with these new features

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YouTube is the quintessential application when it comes to watching videos, present in the phones of Android users in Spain. Google has now announced a series of changes in the application, in its playback window to be specific, designed to make the playback of content in the application more comfortable for all users.

These changes to the playback window on YouTube They are released for users on Android and iOS. This is not a radical change, but the positions of some buttons have been optimized, as well as the introduction of some shortcuts, so that the player is simpler and allows better use.

These are the new features on YouTube

YouTube new controls

Some of the options we have when it comes to playing a video in the application have changed position, being now more accessible. This is the case of Captions, which we can access with the CC button located at the top right, without having to open the top menu now. Also, the automatic playback option (Autoplay) has been focused on the screen, so that we can easily activate or deactivate it in the app.

YouTube also leaves us with chapters in the videos, a function that was made official months ago, although it is now when it is made available to all the videos in the application. These chapters in the videos are designed so that we can move through the video more comfortably, or go to a specific point that we want to see in it.

YouTube video chapters

In addition, the application improves access to full screen mode, taking note of one of its open source alternatives. Since now, when we want to access full screen playback, we just have to swipe. It is not the only option, since a suggested function called Rotate is introduced, so that we can also access full screen playback. This is one of the changes that many were waiting for.

YouTube new full screen gesture

These changes to YouTube for Android were made official today. Their deployment has already begunAlthough you may not have these options yet, but you should not have to wait too long until you are going to be able to test them on your Android phone.

YouTube improves video playback with these new features 1


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