YouTube copies one of Twitch’s most popular features

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YouTube is the most popular video application in Spain. In the past the app has been inspired by others for some of its features, such as TikTok-inspired Shorts. Now Twitch is the application that they have been inspired by for their new function, which officially begins its testing phase.

Clips is the name of this feature where YouTube content creators will be able to create clips (short videos) from your live broadcasts or uploaded videos in his account. It is already launched for Android devices as well as the desktop version of the application and will soon also arrive on iOS.

Clips hit YouTube

Clips is a function that has been on Twitch for about five years, one of the most popular live streaming platforms in the world. YouTube now seeks to compete with this platform with the introduction of this feature, which according to the Google-owned app, they will first test with a small group of creators. As feedback is obtained from you, it will be improved and released to more content creators.

This feature will allow content creators and those users with an account in the app select 5-60 second clips from your videos or live broadcasts, which they can then share on their social networks. A way to promote a certain content that you have uploaded on your channel, in order to attract users to see the entire video.

When you are inside the page of a video from which a clip can be created, an icon will appear below the video with which to create and share that clip. On the next screen, you can select the segment of the video you want to use and give it a name. The next step will be to share, with various options available for it.

Watch video

YouTube imposes a series of limitations, because you will not be able to create video clips intended for children, live broadcasts without DVR, live broadcasts longer than 8 hours, or premieres that are still live on the web. On the rest you can create a clip that will then be shared outside the platform, for example.

YouTube copies one of Twitch's most popular features 1

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