You won’t need a console to play the best Ubisoft games

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Video game streaming is in full expansion, and although the large technology companies have already established their platforms in Spain, there is still a great battle that will determine the success of each of these platforms.

As in the console wars, the streaming war will be given bywho has the best games. It doesn’t matter if a company has the best graphics quality or the best latency, if it doesn’t have the games that users want to play, it doesn’t have any future as a platform. Which options each game service raises is a crucial part of the future of streaming, and Ubisoft already has its plans.

Ubisoft takes the step towards streaming: releases on console, PC, streaming and a single subscription

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Among the existing video game companies, Ubisoft is one of the great companies that can boast the most in its catalog thanks to already historical titles such as Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil, Prince of Persia, Assasin’s Creed and many more in a catalog with decades of video game history. .

You won't need a console to play the best Ubisoft games 1Ubisoft’s launch plans put streaming platforms on the same level as consoles and PC.

The French company has a large presence on consoles and PCs, and given the rise of mobile devices and streaming games, they are not willing to miss the opportunity to bring their titles to the maximum number of players.

In addition to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna have appeared as available platforms in the launch strategy for new titles. Although there were already Ubisoft titles available on Stadia, including them at the level of the consoles in their launch strategy is a big step forward in favor of streaming.

You won't need a console to play the best Ubisoft games 2

On the other hand, another announcement that Ubisoft has made is the expansion of the Ubisoft + service. This service was available to PC players at a price of 15 euros per month, with which you get full access to all Ubisoft games, including new releases such as Watch Dogs Legion, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Assasin’s Creed Valhalla.

If you are a Ubisoft + user (or at some point you consider trying it) from now on you can also play the great Ubisoft titles on your mobile at no additional cost. As the company itself explains, you will soon be able to link your own Ubisoft account to Google Stadia (without the need to be subscribed to Stadia Pro) and Amazon Luna to play the games, offering an experience synchronized with the game you had on your computer .

At a time when users and the media are considering whether or not streaming will replace the traditional video game, decisions such as Ubisoft’s remind us that what matters are games, and that streaming offers advantages to people who are not willing to buy. a console, but they are also an ideal complement for the longtime gamer.

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