You can now stop timers from one Google speaker from another

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One of the most used tasks in smart speakers, especially the ones we have in the kitchen, is to set a timer. This allows us to cook carefully without having to look at the clock every so often.

The problem was that if we put one on and when it jumped we were not in the same room as the speaker, it was not possible to stop it.

Google updates speaker operation with timers

You can now stop timers from one Google speaker from another

Now Google has seen fit to change that with an update that will reach all Google Home and Google Nest speakers. As you know, these updates are invisible, and they take place in the background when we are not using the speakers. That is, we just have to wait.

In Android Police they have recorded a video in which you can see how turning off a kitchen timer from another room would work. We just have to say “Ok Google, stop the kitchen timer.”

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Of course, at the moment it is not possible to stop the timers from a watch or a mobile that has the Google assistant, something that would also be practical.

It remains to be known when it will be available in Spanish, as well as whether it will be compatible with Google speakers or also with models from other brands, such as Lenovo, which have had a fairly good acceptance.

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