You can now find your stolen Samsung mobile even if it has no connection

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When recovering a lost or stolen phone, Android users in Spain have a number of tools available. Although a requirement to find such a device is that the phone has a connection. Samsung has its own service to find a mobile, called Find my mobile (Find my mobile in English), which is now updated with an important function.

As advertised a few months ago, Samsung will allow you to find your lost or stolen phone, even if the phone has no connection. This function was initially launched in the United States, but the brand now makes it available to users with a Galaxy mobile in other countries.

Find your Samsung mobile offline

Samsung find mobile without connection

Samsung has started releasing an update for the application in charge of the security system. In this update is where we find the new feature called Offline Search, which is made available to Galaxy phones and tablets. Thus, even if said device has no connection at that time, it will still be possible to locate it on a map.

If you have the Find My Mobile app installed on your phone, it is important to update it, since it is in this new version where this new function has been introduced. The new version of it has been made available to users in the Galaxy Store, already available in countries such as Spain. Once updated, in the phone settings you should look for the Find my Mobile section and there activate the option called Offline Search.

Once that is done, you will be able to locate that Samsung device remotely even when not connected to the internet. This is something that is achieved because the device will communicate with other nearby Galaxy devices to find out its position and transmit it to the company cloud through the connections of other phones. This way you will be able to recover that lost or stolen device easily.

This new function is becoming official from todayTherefore, for users in Spain with a Samsung phone, they will be able to use Find my mobile now, something that you will be able to do by entering their website and logging into your account in order to locate the phone easily.

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