Xiaomi’s new wireless charging looks like science fiction

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Xiaomi has become one of the preferred brands in Spain due to its great relationship between quality and price. However, the young company is ambitious and also aspires to be a benchmark in cutting-edge technologies, and thus intends to demonstrate this with its new technology.

This technology responds to the name of Mi Air, and it is a new wireless charging technology that compared to current technology seems to be very futuristic, almost science fiction. We tell you more in detail about it.

Xiaomi Mi Air, Xiaomi wireless charging

Xiaomi has wanted to reuse the name of its laptops for a new wireless charging technology, a name that as we see what it consists of, we will feel that it could not be more appropriate.

Xiaomi's new wireless charging looks like science fiction 1

Wireless charging today is very convenient by not having to connect a cable to our mobile, but its range of action is limited. The charging bases need to be almost in direct contact with the charging coil, which prevents us from using the mobile while we are charging it.

Mi Air would solve that problem, as it would be a new generation wireless charger capable of charging devices remotely. As we see in the following video, it would be a base with 144 antennas that would be integrated into our furniture and would allow the device to be charged from a distance. Xiaomi has not given many details about this technology, but it is speculated that instead of the Qi standard it would work by radio frequency waves and could charge various devices.

When can we test this technology?It is something that is not clear. Xiaomi has stated that the video shown is only a demo, and not a final product. The company indicates that it is currently capable of charging a device with a power of 5 W in a range of “several meters”, also specifying that any physical object that comes between the charging base and the mobile should not affect the efficiency of load.

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