Xiaomi’s electric scooter available for only 216 euros: Don’t let it escape!

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The 11 of the 11 has already started in Spain, known as Singles Day. On a day like this we find a huge amount of discounts on all kinds of products, in stores like Aliexpress. One of the products that are available at a good discount on this day is Xiaomi’s electric scooter, the M365.

This Xiaomi electric scooter was launched a couple of years ago for sale in Spain and is presented as an ideal option for moving around the city, as we already highlighted in its analysis. In this promotion today on Aliexpress we can buy for only 216 euros Price.

The Xiaomi electric scooter at the best price

Xiaomi's electric scooter available for only 216 euros: Don't let it escape! 1

This scooter from the brand is a great way to move around the city, thus avoiding the crowds in public transport or having to endure traffic jams every day. Thanks to the fact that it reaches a speed of up to 25 km / h, is presented as a comfortable and fast method to move around the city, to go to your work every day, for example. In addition, it has been designed in a way that will take up as little space as possible when folded.

This offer on the Xiaomi scooter is available on Aliexpress, as we have mentioned before. As we enter, we can see that It comes out with a price of 239 euros at present, although thanks to some coupons we can have a greater discount, to make the final price of this scooter is 216 euros, a great price for this model. To get these discounts, you have to do this:

  • Use the code once20 to obtain a discount of 20 euros on its price.
  • Aliexpress applies a direct purchase discount of 2.60 euros.

Xiaomi electric scooter Aliexpress offer

By using these two discounts, we can buy the Xiaomi electric scooter with this great price of only 216 euros. A good opportunity to get an ideal means of transport to move around the city.

Buy the Xiaomi scooter on Aliexpress for 216 euros.

Technical characteristics

  • Dimensions:1080 x 430 x 1140 mm (unfolded).
  • Weight:12.5 Kg.
  • Engine power: 250 W.
  • Maximum speed: 25 km / h.
  • Autonomy: 30 km.
  • Braking:4 m dry (ABS).
  • Maximum driver weight: 100 kg.
  • Others:regenerative brakes, connectivity with mobile application, headlight, position and brake light, resistance to dust and water IP54 …

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