Xiaomi surpasses Apple in sales and takes third place

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Xiaomi is one of the best-selling brands in 2020 in Spain, with a notable rise so far this year. Not only in our country are they having a good year, since worldwide their sales continue to increase. In the third quarter of this year the manufacturer has achieved something very important: they have surpassed Apple.

A report published by the Gartner firm analyzes the sales of smartphones around the world in the third quarter of this 2020. The great news that can be seen in it is that Xiaomi is already crowned as the third manufacturer globally, surpassing Apple.

Xiaomi is already the third worldwide

Xiaomi logo

Already in October an IDC report was published announcing this fact, something that the Gartner report confirms again. Xiaomi is crowned as the third brand worldwide, with a market share of 12.1%, which translates into sales of 44.4 million phones. Apple falls to fourth position with a market share of 11.1% and sales of 40.5 million.

The difference between the two is minimal and Apple may regain third position in the last quarter of this year, now that its range of the iPhone 12 has already been launched on the market. Although Xiaomi has shown that it is a brand whose advance in the market seems to have no end. These last weeks of the year will be key.

In the third quarter of 2020, some 366 million mobile phones were sold worldwide, a decrease of 5.7% compared to last year. Samsung remains the best-selling brand in the world, with a market share of 22% and sales of 80.8 million phones. This represents an increase compared to last year, both in sales and in share, so it strengthens its position in the market.

Sales third quarter 2020

Huawei remains second, although they continue to lose presence. They now have a market share of 14.1% (16.9% last year) and their sales remain at 51.8 million units, a notable drop from 65.8 million last year. This allows Xiaomi to be closer and closer to the global market and end up surpassing them at some point.

The entry Xiaomi surpasses Apple in sales and takes away the third place appears first in The Free Android.