Xiaomi NFC Stickers: some stickers to automate processes in your home

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The range of Xiaomi products in Spain is very wide. The brand has telephones, wearables, televisions, laptops, and home products, among other products in its catalog. To this wide variety of products we can now add their NFC Sticker 2. It is a series of NFC stickers of the brand that make automating our home easy.

These Xiaomi NFC Sticker 2 are presented as a help tool for many users in Spain. Some small stickers (similar to a 2 euro coin), which will allow us to automate our home in a really simple way.

Xiaomi NFC stickers: automate your home in a simple way

Xiaomi NFC sticker

The Xiaomi NFC Sticker 2 are stickers that will allow us interact with the smart product ecosystem of the brand, simply by passing our phone over them. By doing this, it will be possible for us to program certain actions, such as the lights turning on when we pass the mobile through a sticker at the entrance to the house, or putting another on the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. Thus, when we pass the mobile over, having programmed the robot in the Mi Home app, it will begin to clean the house.

Also in functions such as sharing the WiFi password of our house when we have sight. You just have to pass the smartphone over that page and the key is shared directly. For what they do many processes become much faster, since we are really automating them. They help us make our life a little easier.

Xiaomi NFC Stickers

The possibilities of use There are many of these NFC stickers from Xiaomi, as you can see, since being compatible with devices of the brand, we will be able to use them in all kinds of situations. Its format in the form of a sticker with a reduced size, means that we can place them anywhere at home or on smart devices. One important aspect is that they do not work only with Xiaomi or Mijia smart devices. But they can also be used with ecosystems such as Philips or OPPO.

Also, these NFC stickers can be purchased now with a 20% discount on their price on Aliexpress. There are different packs of stickers, in case you want two, four, eight or sixteen stickers. So you will be able to use them at home as you like, to automate these processes in a way that is simpler for you.

Buy Xiaomi NFC stickers with a 20% discount.

What to use these stickers for

Xiaomi NFC sticker

These Xiaomi NFC stickers are an ideal tool for automate processes in the smart home, without having to carry out these processes manually. We have mentioned some examples previously, which can give a clear idea about the usefulness of these stickers for any user looking for a smart home in a simple way:

  • Share WiFi passwords directly.
  • Turn lights on or off when entering or leaving home.
  • Video playback on television (casting from mobile).
  • Connect to a WiFi network directly.
  • Playing music.
  • Activate the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Control or activate the security camera at home.
  • Turn on or off devices such as a humidifier or air conditioner.

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