Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker: a smart speaker with Google Assistant

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Table of Contents

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker featured

One day after presenting its new range of phones, the Mi 10T, which will also arrive in Spain, Xiaomi leaves us with a new event. Although the brand has not presented phones in it, but they have left us with their new smart speaker, which comes after their new televisions have been made official. Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is the name of this speaker.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is a smart speaker that surprised by the presence of Google Assistant in it. In addition, it has support for Chromecast. These two characteristics make this speaker have all the ballots to be launched in Europe shortly.

Technical characteristics Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker official

  • Dimensions: 151 x 131 x 104 mm.
  • Weight: 853 grams.
  • Connectivity: WiFi 5, Bluetooth 4.2
  • Compatibility:
    • Android 4.4 and higher.
    • iOS 9.0 and higher.
  • Speaker:
    • 2.5 inch driver.
    • 12 W maximum power output.
    • TAS5805M Hi-Fi Audio Texas Instruments audio processor.
  • Feeding: DC 12V / 1.5A.
  • Others: Capacitive touch buttons.

A speaker with Google Assistant

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker languages

The design of this Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is halfway between the Google Home and the Amazon Echo. The brand leaves us with a model whose LED ring lights up when Google Assistant is active and listening for commands. So we know at all times if it is working and we can ask it something. Chromecast support will allow you to stream series, videos, movies or music easily.

This speaker has a Texas Instruments Hi-Fi audio processor intended for provide high quality sound the same. In addition to having a 2.5-inch driver, capable of giving 12W of power output, as announced at the event. It also has two microphones at the top, with which to capture the user’s voice. There are a total of four touch buttons, which can be used to control volume, pause music, and mute the speaker.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker buttons

This Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker connects to other devices via WiFi or Bluetooth, both options are possible. In addition, it can be used to connect other speakers to it, so that we get surround sound, for example. Thanks to this speaker you can control other devices without any problem, simply with commands to Google Assistant.

Price and availability

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

This Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker has been made official in India, where it will be officially launched on October 1. The brand has confirmed that it is launched with a price of 3,999 Indian rupees, which is about 47 euros to change. At the moment nothing is known about its possible launch in Spain, although we have contacted Xiaomi Spain to find out if it is going to be launched or not. When more is known, we will update this article.

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