Xiaomi leaves these mobiles that were going to receive MIUI 12

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Xiaomi has become the company that sells the most mobile phones in Spain, and a large part of its success resides in very competitive terminals at really low prices and with a very peculiar update support.

Without neglecting the Android experience, Xiaomi’s main focus with its update policy is focused on the experience of its MIUI customization layer, a layer that in 2012 received its twelfth version, which would reach several dozen mobiles. Apparently, the final list will be shorter, and is that some models that were on the list have just fallen.

These Redmi phones will not finally receive MIUI 12

When Xiaomi presented MIUI 12, it established a list of mobiles that would end up being updated to the new version of the customization layer, regardless of the Android version they had. At that time, Xiaomi was very ambitious by covering many models without actually having an estimated calendar of when each mobile would update (unlike Samsung, which has taken longer but we have an estimated date for each model).

Xiaomi leaves these mobiles that were going to receive MIUI 12 1Redmi 6A, the cheapest mobile that stays out of MIUI 12.

Today we know some models that finally will not receive the update, and it is that Xiaomi has canceled the update for the following mobiles:

  • Redmi Y3.
  • Redmi 7.
  • Redmi 6 and 6A.

As confirmed by the company itself, the cancellation of MIUI 12 for these mobiles is related to“Performance and compatibility issues”. Without a doubt, it is bad news for the owners of these models, but it could be worse, and if these terminals already have a fair power for day to day, the update could have worsened the experience to the point that the mobile becomes unusable.

If you own one of these models and you are not satisfied with Xiaomi’s decision, you may think that the brand is not worth it. At the end of the day, it is very common for any brand to put less interest in its cheaper and older models, and it is not only for the interest of selling new mobiles, but because it reallysoftware optimization is a very expensive process, both in the development cycle and at the monetary level, something unfeasible for such low-end mobiles.

The Xiaomi entry leaves these phones that were going to receive MIUI 12 to appear first in The Free Android.