Xiaomi launches old cell phone buyback program

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Thousands of users in Spain they have an old phone they want to sell, something for which there are certain tips. Selling a phone is not always easy, because many times the prices at which you can sell them are too low. For users with Xiaomi and Redmi phones, the brand inaugurates an old cell phone buyback program.

This program has officially premiered in India, for lack of knowing if it will reach other countries such as Spain. Users with an old Xiaomi or Redmi phone can exchange it for a newer model, obtaining up to 70% of the value of it.

This is the Xiaomi buyback program

Xiaomi launches old cell phone buyback program 1

Users in India are allowed to exchange their older Xiaomi or Redmi phones for more current models and recover up to 70% of its value. The brand has introduced various purchase plans in the My Smart Upgrade program in the country. These plans offer fixed buyback values ​​depending on the age of the device, from 3 to 15 months old.

Depending on the period in which a device is placed, you get a different redemption percentage. In other words, if a phone purchased 60 days ago, about two months ago, is exchanged, the user gets a guaranteed buyback value of 70% of the retail price of that phone. The older it is, the lower this percentage, which ranges from 70% in the highest case, to 40% in the oldest.

Device ageBuyback price
4-6 months
(91-180 days)
7-9 months
(181-290 days)
10-12 months
(291-365 days)
13-15 months
(366-455 days)

Not all telephones within the brand’s catalog are included in this program. We find high-end models, like the Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro. Also with a good number of Redmi phones, such as the Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9 or Redmi K20, among others. There is a great variety of models in it, of different ranges.

Xiaomi follows in Samsung’s footsteps, which has a similar buyback program in India. Although the Chinese brand includes models from various segments, it is not limited only to the high-end. Nothing is known about the arrival of this program or a similar initiative.

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