Xiaomi and OPPO increase their sales in Spain to the beast

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Spain is one of the most competitive international markets. In the presence of classic brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Apple or Motorola in recent years we have seen the arrival of new players such as OPPO, Xiaomi and more recently Vivo.

These Chinese brands have always been well received in our country, even when it was necessary to use import websites to get their mobiles.

The consulting firm Canalys has confirmed the good rhythm of the firms in our market, especially in the case of Xiaomi and OPPO, which are growing in an incredible way.

Xiaomi and OPPO increase their sales in Spain to the beast 1

Xiaomi remains at number 1

The company led by Lei Jun remains the first in sales in Spain, after having surpassed Samsung itself a few quarters ago, which was intractable. The year-over-year growth is 93%, which implies that they have almost doubled the number of mobile shipments to their distributors.

Much of this growth is at the expense of Huawei, which has fallen 14% annually, due to the veto of the United States. It will be interesting to see if this changes in the future.

OPPO grows at a four-digit rate

OPPO logo

It is also necessary to highlight the behavior of OPPO in Spain, with a more conventional proposal than Xiaomi, betting, for example, to partner with operators.

And it seems that the strategy works since its year-on-year increase is four figures, specifically 1456%. By having such a low penetration in 2019 it is possible to achieve these increases.

But the important thing is that its market share is 8%, a figure that places it above Apple and with the possibility of surpassing Huawei in a short time if the situation does not change.

Samsung has managed to maintain a lower growth but still very considerable and we see how the rest of the brands, beyond these five, are left with a scant 10% of the market.

The entry Xiaomi and OPPO increase their sales in Spain to the beast appears first in The Free Android.