With this Samsung monitor, your mobile will be the only PC you need

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Computers continue to be an important part of our work and student life in Spain. However, the evolution of smart devices is inexorable, and large manufacturers are preparing to offer alternatives for those who do not need advanced equipment for their day to day.

The latest Samsung monitor is prepared for a present in which we continue to use the computer, but it is already prepared for the desktop of the future, a future in which the mobile may be the only computer you need.

Samsung’s smart monitor is ready so you don’t need a PC

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As much as technology advances, the desk is a fundamental part of our home, being the place where we can do our work, class assignments or simply have a place where we can unleash our creativity and entertain ourselves. Traditionally the computer is the ideal complement, but Samsung has thought of an alternative.

The Samsung M5 and M7 are monitors between 27 and 32 inches, with versions in fullHD and 4K. These monitors are characterized by incorporating Tizen, the operating system that Samsung includes in its smart TVs, including a remote control and access to applications such as Netflix or Disney +.

With this Samsung monitor, your mobile will be the only PC you need 1

The most interesting addition that they incorporate is the support for Microsoft Office, being able to write documents without having to use a PC. In the event that you require a little more, through USB C we can connect the mobile and use systems such as Samsung DeX to have access to everything that your mobile includes with a computer interface. USB C is capable of supplying up to 65W, so you can also connect a laptop to use this display with a computer.

With this Samsung monitor, your mobile will be the only PC you need 2

If for you the PC is still the center of your digital life, this Samsung solution may seem unnecessary, but it has great potential for desks that are used by the whole family, allowing each one to use it as best they want. convince. The proposal is attractive, of course.

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