Wild Rift, how to master Kennen and better builds

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Table of Contents

Let’s go by parts. There are many more champions, but our idea is to make a series with several guides, each one dealing with a specific champion. With Kennen he’s going to be our scapegoat to see if you like it. Not only is it going to be a guide to know how to handle it in the game, but we will also mention the best builds, etc.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Kennen Characteristics

In League of Legends, size doesn’t matter. The little ninja can be a real headache, but at the same time great fun if you decide to pick him up for your games. Despite its small and furry size, it is always eager to face any threat by unleashing a shurikens storm with inexhaustible enthusiasm. Along with his master Shen, Kennen watches over the spirit realm and uses devastating electrical energy to destroy his enemies.

Skill order

This is the order in which you should maximize your abilities with Kennen (your champion’s ultimate ability obviously takes precedence over these spells and should be increased as soon as possible). The basic order should be, first of all, the thunderous shuriken; Secondly, electric tension; and thirdly, lightning attack.

The best runes for League of Legends games

The runes are used to improve the character during the game, acquiring more power and skills. Runes give a champion a customizable bonus. There are four types of runes, and each has its own specialty. The trademarks offer the best bonuses to attack characteristics. The seals they are usually based on physical defense, healing, and recovery. The glyphs they can increase our defense attributes and magic power. Then we have a slightly more “special” rune: the quintessence They give a substantial bonus to any attribute, as well as special bonuses that are not available through other runes.

kennen lol wild rift skills

Kennen is a champion with the ability to decide fights, but somewhat complex to master. His auto attack range is good and he is very difficult to deal with for most of his top lane teammates during the early levels. With this build, we will choose to further accentuate this initial pressure to demoralize your opponent. Electrocute is a relevant offensive rune in Kennen, as it can be easily activated in team fights, but also in short exchanges.

Brutal, in red, is perfect to dominate your lane in the first minutes and dominate the opponent. In green, Spirit walker will grant you a slow resistance bonus. This is important since your goal at the end of the game will be to pounce on the enemy team as quickly as possible. Finally, Hunter: Genie in blue it will give you a nice additional CDR, to be able to chain Severing Tempest as often as possible.

Main objects

The purchase of items for Kennen will vary during each game, especially depending on the composition of the opposing team. Below you will find the build that is most effective with Kennen, in a priority order that will be useful to you. The objects in bold font They are safe bets, in which you can trust 90% of your games.

How to play with Kennen in Wild Rift

To conclude, one of the most useful information that we can offer in these types of guides is, apart from their specifications and their improvements throughout the game, is to comment broadly how to handle the champion during the same. Kennen is a character who works a lot as a team, so we will use the passive a lot.

kennen lol wild rift gameplay

Try to get a mark or two on the enemy before starting the fight and let the skills cool down, charge the passive and start the first stun. Above all, take advantage of the passive whenever you can, if you are going to gank another line try to have the passive loaded, and try to gank bot or top as many times as necessary and they allow you. In addition to this, we can carry out other strategies:

  • At the end of the game, Kennen’s role will be to find a flank to stun the entire opposing team with a Severing Tempest.
  • To quickly take down a wave of minions, feel free to run them over in Lightning Attack. This will apply a “collective” storm mark that you can exploit with Electric tension.