Why you should monitor your children

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Why you should monitor your children 1

Technology has invaded our lives, it has brought us many comforts and advantages, such as quick access to an infinity of content and information instantly. However, at the same time, it has also raised new dangers online and it is normal for parents to worry about what their children are doing with the smartphone.

Children and young people can spend many hours glued to the mobile, they use it for everything and that implies being exposed to threats and even developing an addiction. According to a survey of more than 4,000 Spanish parents conducted by Panda Security, 67% of parents say they do not know what their children are doing or seeing when they are holding their mobile phones.

Specifically, 5% of children spend more than 5 hours a day with their mobile phones and 18% of those surveyed consider that their children have a mobile addiction.

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Social networks, content consumption, messaging … there are many applications and services that can be accessed in an instant, although mobile addiction does not imply only using it for many hours and not being able to detach from it. It goes much further, addiction has to do with the use that is given to the device and its dependence. Of course, it is important to educate children and talk to them about their concerns, but Panda Security also offers a simple monitoring solution that adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for both parents and children.

Why you should monitor your children 2

Easy parental control with many tools

It is not about spying on children to see what they do. No. Panda Dome Family goes far beyond a simple parental control tool to restrict what they can and cannot see. It is a complete solution to protect children from present and future threats that may be found on the Internet, and it also includes tools as useful as locating the mobile phone in case it is lost or stolen.

Among the functions of Panda Dome Family is the possibility of establishing times of use of the smartphone, as well as access to applications. Parents can also view usage reports, and if needed, apps and games can even be blocked. For example, to avoid apps with abusive in-app purchases or if we know that they may contain malware.

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At the same time, children have a panic button from their smartphone for situations in which they feel in danger or need help. It will automatically send a notification with your GPS location in real time. In addition, safe zones can also be configured, so that if the child enters a location, a notification will also jump. For example, it can be useful to confirm that they have arrived safely at home or at the destination they had indicated.

You can find all the details of Panda Dome Security on its website, an all-in-one solution to monitor and add a point of peace to the use that children make of their mobile phones.

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