Why these features of Android 11 will not arrive to your mobile

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Table of Contents

Why these features of Android 11 will not arrive to your mobile 1

Google has been releasing a number of previous versions of Android 11 these months, before that, at the beginning of June we launched the first beta of official way, that the users in Spain can also install, and which is coming to more devices. This beta has introduced a multitude of new functions on the phones, although not all phones will be able to enjoy all the features.

Since there are some new features that have been introduced in Android 11, three in total, that not all phones that upgrade to this version will be able to enjoy. These functions would be the control of devices, conversations from the notifications and have the driving license in the phone.

Android CDD: rules to implement new

Why these features of Android 11 will not arrive to your mobile 2

Android is an operating system open source with Apache license 2.0, which means that any person, from independent developers to large companies, you are free to modify and distribute the operating system on their own devices. Most of the new features that Google introduced for Android 11 form part of the Project of open source Android (AOSP) that the device manufacturers of smart phones based your own software, but the Apache 2.0 license, allowing anyone to modify the software to your liking.

Google groups the distribution of the mobile Services of Google (which includes Google Play Store, and Google Play Services) with license agreements that require the devices to comply with the standards of the “Program of support of Android“from Google. The Program of support of Android is formed by sets of automated tests and a set of rules listed in the definition Document-compatibility Android (CDD).

In the CDD, Google lists the hardware and software features that the manufacturers of devices must implement, and those which are recommended to implement and must not implement. In the case of the first, they have to do it compulsorily, while in the third case, may not add such a function. Although there are functions that come out as recommended so earnestlyit will be the manufacturer to decide whether they want to implement it or not on the phone. Some of the features which are launched in Android 11 belong to this category, so that the manufacturer can bet by not using it, if you think that is not necessary.

Some functions would not be on Android 11

Why these features of Android 11 will not arrive to your mobile 3

Android CDD is a document in constant changeas Google frequently updated the document to delete functions, change the language to make it more clear and relax the requirements in light of the comments of their partners. But when Google made public a new version of the document to a new version of the operating system, as they have done each year, those requirements are that the manufacturers have to follow, so that your devices can use that version.

The document for Android 11 will be made public in a few monthsin September , surely, although it has been filtering a previous copy of that document, where you will appreciate certain changes. It is here where you can see that there are three functions that we have seen in the beta and previous versions of Android 11, but in this document do not depart as required, giving the ability to the manufacturers of no freezing. These functions are:

  • Control devices: The revamped power off menu in Android 11 would introduce the possibility of controlling connected devices in a simple way, such as lamps, bells and other. A function that is launched on Google Home, but that in this CDD comes as an optional feature.
  • Conversations in notificationsNotifications continue to improve on this version of the operating system, with features such as conversations in the same, that allows you to easily view your received messages and respond to them in a more comfortable way, as I show.
  • Credentials: A function that is launched in some countries, that allows you to have the driving license in the mobile. In one of the first pre-versions out that this API was mandatory, even though it has been relaxing today, and is presented as optional, so that the manufacturer will decide.

We are missing a few months for to know if these features will come to all users on Android 11. By now shown in all cases that it is something recommended, but not mandatory. So there could be manufacturers that do not apply in their phones.

The entrance By which these functions of Android 11 not reach your mobile appears first in Android Free.