WhatsApp will notify you of changes in its conditions within the app

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WhatsApp is an application that regularly introduces new functions, like the new personalized funds that arrived this week in Spain. Unlike other applications such as Telegram, the messaging app owned by Facebook does not usually announce its new functions, with few exceptions. Although this is something that will change.

Every time a new version of the app is released, Telegram issues a notification informing about the news. This changelog is something that is missed on WhatsApp, but it would soon be a reality. The application will inform users about the changes made.

WhatsApp will inform you of its changes

WhatsApp new notices

Unlike Telegram, a new chat will not be created where new functions or changes that come to the application are reported. WhatsApp will do it in a more discreet way, since it will be when entering its settings where we can see a button on which to press, in order to see the news that the most recent update of the application has left us.

Any updates, be it new features or changes to your terms of use and privacy will be shown in that section. Thus, users can always be informed of any changes without having to exit the application. These specific in-app ads on WhatsApp arrive first in sections such as the Terms of Service, where that first ad has been shown. It is expected that in future updates they can be reviewed from its main screen.

The banner may direct us to the app’s website or it will simply contain an ad that we can review without leaving the application, this is something that will depend on the content of said message. The first one that has been shown is, for example, the update of the conditions of use, which users will have to accept to use the app, which come into effect on February 8, 2021.

These changes are expected to reach the application in the coming weeks, so you can easily see the changes that the application introduces with this new ad system.

WhatsApp will notify you of changes in its conditions within the app 1


The WhatsApp entry will notify you of changes in its conditions within the app, it appears first in The Free Android.