WhatsApp will enhance your video calls, allowing larger groups

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The quarantine caused by the coronavirus has brought an explosion in the use of video calling apps, like HouseParty or Zoom. WhatsApp also allows this type of services and in fact are using a lot. The problem is that due to the limitation in the number of members and concurrent many people opt for alternatives.

That is why the company is working on an update to its app that will allow video calls in groups of more than four people.

The new function of WhatsApp is also coming to Android

WhatsApp will enhance your video calls, allowing larger groups

Yesterday we were in the Omicrono that WhatsApp was working on this feature for iOS, and today we know that the improvement will come also to the Android app. It is logical because many of the calls are from one system to another.

The new way to do video calls will be implemented soon in an update for the app, and it seems that will be sooner rather than later.

When you arrive, users who have not upgraded the application you will get a notice to do so, so that they can be integrated into the new video group, that we don’t know what user limit will be, but seeing the behavior of their rivals, there will be two or three more now.

WhatsApp will enhance your video calls, allowing larger groups

In addition, the application has slightly changed the interface of its voice calls to highlight that the communications within the app are encrypted and that not even they can access our calls or chats.

It is possible that this movement is related to the attempts of far-right groups in place to the american company as a partner of governments of progressive ideology.

The entry WhatsApp will improve your video calls, allowing larger groups appears first in Android Free.