WhatsApp starts to trim the length of some videos

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The situation of confinement, current of almost a third of the global population is leading technology companies to maximise the use of their server farms. We have already spoken of the quality reduction in emissions of streaming platforms such as Amazon or Netflix, but this measure also begins to affect other services that are not designed in the first instance for the accommodation of video.

A good example is WhatsApp, that is living a delicate situation in that it is possibly its largest market worldwide, India. Recently this country has declared a state of alarm by making all its citizens, except those who work in jobs essential to the pandemic, they are confined to their homes. And we speak of a population of over 1000 million people.

Of them, more than 400 million use WhatsApp and this leads to a use of the platform a lot more intense than it is normally.

WhatsApp limits the length of videos

States WhatsApp

That is why the company has decided to limit the duration of the videos that can be sent to the member of WhatsAppmaking the maximum duration is 15 seconds, and no more.

This way it takes less space on the servers to house them, but on the whole less bandwidth to send them and to receive them.

This is not the first cut in the length of the videos as they were originally allowed times of up to 90 seconds, but it was cut down to 30 seconds.

This measure for the time being it has only been carried out in India but if necessary sure that we see it expand to other countries such as Spain, where the use of the platform has grown to nothing less than a 700% during the period of the quarantine.

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