WhatsApp limits the forwarding of messages to the global level

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In recent months we have seen how the growth of the tools of communication online has been very high. the crisis of the coronavirus has made that more and more people have to use messaging apps or video call to communicate.

In Spain, for example, the use of WhatsApp has grown to nothing less than a 700% in the last few weeks. This has been due both to the increase of use for conversation as to the growth of shipments of news.

The problem is that many times these platforms are used to expand rumors or false information.

WhatsApp only allows you to forward a message to a chat every time

WhatsApp limits the forwarding of messages to the global level

Photo montage of The Spanish

A few weeks ago we saw how WhatsApp was an important step in India, which had limited the ability of the application to send messages simultaneously to multiple chats. It was sought that was not easy to send a video, photo or text to many groups and different people at the same time.

The limitation in the asian country made it go from 20 chats to 5, but the company has not stopped there. This made the forwarding elements to decrease anything less than a 25%.

WhatsApp announces that in order to minimize the forwarding of messages in your platform is going to limit to one the number of chats to which we can forward something. This way, if we want to send a video or a message to ten people, we will have to repeat the action ten times.

The theory is that this will cause a lot of people do not bother to do so, and given the previous experience it seems that it might work.

Tools of data verification

In addition, the company reminds that collaborates with different organizations around the world to help its users to verify the data they receive. The full list is on their website. In Spain and Latin america, these are the numbers that we need to add if we want to review the information that comes to us by WhatsApp.

ArgentinaChecked+54 9 11 3679 0690
ColombiaThe Empty Chair+57 318 3124521
ColombiaColombiaCheck+57 322 8523557
EcuadorEcuador Checks+593 984535165
SpainDamn+34 655 19 85 38
SpainNewtral+34 682 58 96 64

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