WhatsApp improves video calling: up to 8 participants

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One of the technologies that best painted the future at the end of the last century were video calls. Had been the subject of imagery and futuristic in books, series and movies, and finally would be possible with the 3G and 4G networks.

But the reality is that it is not used as much as expected, except in specific situations such as moving abroad.

The quarantine almost world caused by the COVID-19 has changed that and the apps of video calls that have triggered their use. In countries such as Spain what we have seen with HouseParty or a Zoom, but the queen in our country is still WhatsApp.

It is true that you do not have the best connection quality, or all of the options of its rivals, but knowing that in all likelihood your contact has installed is a great advantage.

We can already make video calls of up to 8 people in WhatsApp

WhatsApp improves video calling: up to 8 participants

But the quarantine brought a new problem: sometimes we wanted to make video calls with many people. WhatsApp limited the number of participants to 4 people but this has changed as of today.

The new limit, available for now in the test versions, is 8 concurrent users, for which it has been changed slightly in the interface.

We can make a video call including up to 7 people plus ourselves, in the same way that we did before.

In addition, the company recently announced that if you’re in a group of four people or less and click on the icon of the video call create a with all members of the same, which will make the use of this function is even more simple.

WhatsApp improves video calling: up to 8 participants 1

To use this function we need to have the version 2.20.133 WhatsApp, for which we will have to give us high in the testing phase of the Play Store, or download it from APK Mirror.

To be able to make a call from so many members it will be necessary that all have been upgraded to this version. If after installing the update does not have the function available, it is possible that we have to delete the app completely and re-install it.

WhatsApp improves video calling: up to 8 participants 2


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