WhatsApp improves storage management: this is how it works

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Until not long ago, one of the main reasons why people switched mobile phones in Spain was the limited storage capacity of their mobiles. And WhatsApp was largely to blame.

Many times I have been asked for advice to buy a mobile with the idea of ​​buying a cheap one, for WhatsApp and little else. Perhaps at first the app was just one more on our phones, but since sending emojis, GIFs, images and videos has become routine, the amount of data that this app can use is almost infinite.

I myself have had a backup of the chats of this service of more than 15 GB, although currently it does not reach even a third of it.

WhatsApp redesigns its memory management system

Today WhatsApp has officially launched, after the August leaks, the arrival of the redesign of the storage management tool to make it more functional. We can select file types to free up memory more quickly and efficiently.

WhatsApp improves storage management: this is how it works

With the new interface we will be able to see which files have been forwarded many times to be able to delete them, as well as those that take up more space.

We can preview the videos and photos before deleting them, so as not to make mistakes.

Where is the new tool

This new feature will reach the world over the next few days, not being exclusive to those who have the beta version installed.

In order to use it we have to go:

  • Settings -> Data and Storage -> Storage manager.

If you have an old mobile with 16 or 32 GB of storage, or if you receive many multimedia elements, we advise you to use it from time to time so that your smartphone does not run out of memory.

The WhatsApp entry improves storage management: this is how it works, it appears first in The Free Android.